Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Obama Administration Keeps Red Lining America's Strength, Power, Prestige And Even Our History

"Being proud of America is not about being proud of a president...It's about pride in participating in the greatest experiment in human freedom and liberty that the world has ever seen." Karol Markowicz

That quote is by a woman who recently wrote a piece entitled, "American Tale: How This Country Made Me And My Family Free." She described her family's history coming from the Soviet Union to the United States. Coincidentally, she essentially described the history of my family too. 

Yet today, as evidenced with the most recent Iran Deal, we're witness to an American administration and a progressive political class that continues to draw red lines through our nation's strength, power, prestige and even our history. No reasonable American from the Greatest Generation could ever envision an American administration behaving in such an appalling manner. For example, do you think they could they ever imagine FDR or Churchill appealing to the Japanese and Germans with such a feckless bearing? Hell, No! In fact, they took the challenge on and beat down both of those enemies AT THE SAME TIME within four years. As I've mentioned in a previous post, if they had the same posture our current administration has today in dealing with evil enemies, there would not be a Jew left on the planet. There might not even be an American left on the planet.

If this administration's foreign policy is so damn good as many like to suggest, why are Syria's, Libya's, Egypt's, Yemen's, Iraq's, Nigeria's and even the Ukraine's red lines soaked in blood today?

Yet, we have an administration and a political ideology that can't even name our enemy for fear of only being politically incorrect when there are many times political incorrectness takes more courage. It's become so blatantly absurd the progressive political class is more concerned about bakers refusing to bake a wedding cake for same-sex couples as ISIS throws gays off of rooftops, stones them to death  or even drowns them in cages as they video the victims taking their last gasp of air.

It's become so bizarre that even a progressive candidate for president---Martin O'Malley-- gets heckled for proclaiming "All Lives Matter" at recent gathering of progressives. Of course, these "Black Lives Matter" Yo's Yo's don't even know that Martin Luther King, Jr., would never have used that kind of segregated and offensive language. He would have been the first to declare that All Lives Matter. In fact, that's exactly what he did.

As Karol Markowicz and her family left an ideology consumed by cynicism, conformity and uniformity for freedom and liberty, little did they know they would be faced and challenged by many of those same forces in American today. 

Postscript: And now the Iran Deal---Obama's biggest clusterf*ck to date. In addition, he's yet to even have a presser after we've lost 8 police officers in less than 2 weeks. But hey! A beer summit? Right away.