Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump: Artificial Sweeteners?

History will recall that voters  twice elected a guy who promised he would destroy the country and then watched as he did...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

I've written at least 10 pieces about Hillary Clinton. All pointing out---I believe---illustrating conclusively why she should never set foot in the White House again. (Feel free to check out the archives on this blog using its search engine).

So I'm pleasantly surprised that so many other Americans have awaken from their long coma regarding Clinton's qualifications or lack thereof.  This week Quinnipiac University reported on their most recent poll on Clinton and the results should sent shivers down the spine of her campaign. 

Clinton has lost significant ground on questions specific to her honesty and leadership. In addition, her favorable vs. unfavorable ratings clearly accentuate the negative. For example, in Iowa, her unfavorables now stand at 56% vs. 33% for favorable.  In Virginia, she stands at 50% unfavorable vs. 41% favorable. And in Colorado, it's 56% unfavorable vs. 35% favorable. These are three key states for any national election. In addition, the poll shows that Clinton has a serious developing problem among women. For example, women in Iowa found her more unfavorable than favorable (47% to 40%).

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the more Clinton speaks, the less people like her or trust her. 

So what about Donald Trump? In this same poll, his favorable vs. unfavorable numbers shadow Clinton's. His unfavorable numbers top Clinton's as well in all three states. But he appears to be doing well in national polls among Republicans---even after his tagging McCain last week.  For example, the the most recent Washington Post/ABC Poll,  when Republicans have been asked who they would vote for TODAY, Trump sits at 24%. His closest competitor is Walker at 13% followed by Jeb Bush at 12%. And while these rankings may not appear to be important at this early stage of the campaign, they are important when it comes to the first debate on Fox News. Only the top 10 Republican candidates---based on their most recent polling---will be on the stage in early August. So while Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings among all Republicans, he's going to get a shot at debating the others. It should make for good television---something Trump has mastered over the years.

Only time will determine what the outcome will be for both of these candidates. However, I'm inclined to believe both Clinton and Trump are artificial sweeteners. Clinton is learning quickly that even among her base, they are not getting the real thing --kinda like Coke learned when they tried to market New Coke.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has appeal. He appeals to the Republican base because he's showing more guts on "third rail" issue like immigration than do most of the other Republicans and Democrats. This is in evidence even when he blurts out outrageous comments. He continues to stand by and defend them. In fact, he doubles-down on his criticism of them. He knows how to divert attention to other issues. This was in evidence when he attacked one of his competitors personally like he did against Lindsey Graham earlier this week. And throughout all of this, he continues to be a master at marketing his own brand.

Having said all that, as a conservative, I could never vote for Trump. While I admire his guts and his ability to turn political correctness on its head, his history of supporting progressives like Harry Reid,  Rahm Emmanuel and others left me no alternative but to scratch him off my list.

Don't fall for the artificial sweeteners---at least it's a lesson more Democrats are learning quickly.