Monday, July 27, 2015

Ted Cruz To Republican Elite: Stop Genuflecting To Obama

Trump gives out Lindsey Graham's cell number. The only cell the GOP should be talking about is the one that holds four Americans in Iran...Razor's Tweet

Shortly after the Republicans won a landslide victory in late 2014, I posted a piece that asked: "Do Republicans Know They Won A Landslide Mid-Term Election?" 

From the posture they've taken since then, it appears they haven't. More disturbing, it appears they no longer consider themselves an opposition party to the Democrats. Their behavior in the last eight months seems to reinforce that claim.

Fortunately for conservatives, there are a handful of Republicans that are taking the elite of the party to task (by the way, many of those elites also happen to be progressives). One of those is Ted Cruz. (R-Texas).

Last week, on the floor of the Senate, Cruz took Mitch McConnell to task. Without getting into the specifics of his charge (it involved the Federal Export-Important bank that Cruz opposes), the short of it was that Cruz called out McConnell for lying to him. He also called out the elites in his own party. He said the Republican leadership behaves no different that the previous leadership under Harry Reid. 

Since the mid-term elections, Cruz pointed out correctly (in my opinion) that the elites in his party keep genuflecting to Obama. Even though they've made multiple promises to the American people prior to the mid-terms---such as repealing ObamaCare---instead the Obama administration keeps rolling over a party that now holds both Houses of Congress. And we still have ObamaCare.

Keep in mind, this is the same party that lost two elections to an incumbent with a pathetic domestic and foreign policy record. This is the same party that has allowed the Obama administration to run roughshod over them when it comes to illegal immigration. (In my opinion, it happens to be one of the reasons that Trump is doing so well among the base. He's filling the vacuum left by the feckless Republicans and the base is taking notice.) To the point, it's the same party that promised to roll-back many of the administration's warped progressive policies and agenda. It hasn't. And Ted Cruz  is pointing out those failures.

Just as important, Cruz essentially charged the elites in his own party for selling out their own base. We've also witnessed the elites like John Boehner surrendering to the Obama administration as he continues to castigate party members like Cruz. The Washington Times even pointed that fact out during the government shutdown. At the time, they wrote, "House Speaker John Boehner has joined forces with key Republican leaders to shut down any GOP members that might want to strong-arm Obama over immigration." Even Breitbart reported that Boehner was willing to do a deal with Pelosi to avoid a shutdown. They reported correctly that his actions would have given Pelosi's caucus more power.

In short, the mid-terms showed Republicans that a majority of Americans made it crystal clear they were getting tired of Obama's failed progressives policies. They made it clear they were getting fed up with government overreach. They also made it clear they were disgusted with government corruption and incompetence. And Ted Cruz reminded Republicans leadership of this.  He also implied if Republicans continue on this spineless track of not behaving as an opposition political party, they just might become irrelevant.

Perhaps Dennis Miller said it best. He reminded us that "Our Founding Fathers would have never tolerated any of this crap. For Christ's sake they were blowing peoples' heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage. And it wasn't even coffee."

Ted Cruz knows when there's an opening, you must throw a knockout punch. Otherwise don't step into the ring.  He advised them they won't win if they continue to rope like a dope. He also reminded Republicans they need conservatives who are willing to take on the leadership and tell the truth as well as keeping their own promises. Otherwise they are no different than their opposition.