Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Many Americans Actually Like Residing On The Street Corner of Discouraged & Hopelessness

Gun free zones protect life the same way Planned Parenthood does...Razor's Tweet

There are many times when I catch asking myself: How creepy is it to consistently support an ideology that only exploits and cons you? That's exactly what happens to voters who support progressives (democrats and republicans but mainly democrats). It's one of the most mystifying aspects of politics. Many voters will vote for the same people who created the problem in the first place. And the con? Those people will promise voters they will solve the problem(s)---they created. No where was this more in evidence than in the last one presidential election cycle. We watched as a incumbent president was re-elected whose track record was dreadful to say the least. But that's just one example of many. Let's highlight a few others:

  • It was Jonathan Gruber who admitted conning the American people about ObamaCare. In short, Gruber showed the country how the Obama administration turned deception into an art form. Even the Chicago Tribune summarized the entire scam when they wrote: "Arrogance Plus Deception Equals ObamaCare-Ask Gruber."
  • We've seen the modern civil rights activists chant "Black Lives Matter" as black-on-black crime---including murder---continues at a horrific rate. According to the CDC, the leading cause of death for young black males ages 15-34 is homicide.  Just as disturbing, the very same people who proclaim "Black Lives Matter" don't appear to have any problem with the likes of Planned Parenthood (today, yet another undercover video was released regarding PP's practices. It's more horrific than the previous two videos). According to Howard University, of the infants aborted each year, 37% are black.
  • We currently have a former community organizer sitting in the Oval Office. This is the same man who organized in Chicago---a city that has more gun related deaths in one weekend than any war zone in the Middle East during the same period.
  • The progressive political class likes to rant about economic inequality. It's never about economic inequality (a phenomena that's been part of the human condition since its creation). No. It's about exploitation whose outcome is usually self-destruction and self-delusion. All one has to do is look at the War on Poverty scam. Poverty won that war even though progressives dumped trillions into poverty programs in the last 5 decades. We currently have some of the highest poverty in history.
  • And while 93% of blacks say they still support Obama, their unemployment rates continue to hover at about 10% with a participation rate of just under 62%. Yet, if Obama were allowed to run for office again, he would get overwhelming support even from those blacks still standing on the nation's unemployment lines.
  • The same phenomena is being played out with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Some democrats are even coming to the realization that she's a big fake, phony and fraud. But what are they to do? The bench is made up of an avowed Socialist and several others few Americans even know. If they decide to support her as their nominee---the exploitation and conning will continue. Even they don't---another will do the same. 
  • And while this administration has many scandals on its watch from the IRS to the horrific situation at many VA medical facilities, it's support is not as soft as it should be among many Americans.
While polls show that more and more Americans are fed up with both the Obama administration and congress, I can't shake the thought that many Americans will continue to allow themselves to be conned by the elites in the political class even though they know the political game is rigged. It's creepy and scary to realize that so many American actually like to stand on the street corner of Discouraged and Hopeless.