Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump vs. Ramos: Trump Won Every Round

@JorgeRamosNews And you end up giving Trump another 10 points in the polls. Great work, Sparky...David Burge Tweet

Unless you're living in a cave, you watched as Univision's Jorge Ramos tried to confront Donald Trump at an Iowa press conference yesterday by interrupting Trump's presser.  Ramos was escorted out by security but later returned and Trump took his questions. In summary, Trump cleaned Jorge's clock as he's done to most of the media in the last several months.

The event was very revealing on several levels.

Ramos envisions himself as a journalist and reporter. He's neither. Many will also describe him as an advocate for human rights. The fact is he's a activist for illegal immigrants (I'm a legal immigrant myself). In fact, his daughter works for the Hillary Clinton campaign. As Breitbart News pointed out last month, Ramos is also a conspicuous hypocrite. They pointed out he's a "skillful liar and propagandist" who "pretends to care deeply about fellow Mexicans, when the truth is that in exchange for fame, wealth and political power, Ramos abandoned almost 120 million of them" They continued: "There is no other way to describe a man who abandoned his own country and sold his soul for a career that encourages his own people to make a dangerous trek through a treacherous desert led by coyote criminals and rapists." 

And that's the difference between that fake, phony and fraud and Donald Trump. Trump's love for America is conspicuous. ( And no, as I've written in many previous posts, I have not endorsed Trump. As an independent conservative myself, he's got a long way to go to convince me he belongs in the Oval Office). 

On yet another level, the presser showed clearly that Trump is willing to play hardball with the press and media while many in the Republican Party still play T-ball. The presser made it increasing clear that the progressive media class just keeps tripping over their own stupidity, a fact I've written about on numerous occasions. This is a media who continues to pretend it's honest, credible and ethical. But, as most polls report, Americans know that's bullshit especially after 8 years of fawning over an administration in Washington that has plunged the nation into progressive hell. In addition, it's a media that perpetuates falsehoods as we witnessed in Ferguson last year. And Jorge Ramos is just one reflection of many of today's media.

I have no way of predicting how long Trump's run will last. But I do know this---as each day passes---more Americans are enjoying the ride. Or as Ronald Reagan famously once said: "If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." Trump knows when to turn the burners on---HIGH.