Monday, August 24, 2015

With Biden Considering Running, The Bench For Democrats Resembles a Recycle Bin

Joe Biden will run for president, but not until next year. It's part of his gaffe-reduction strategy...WH Press Secretary Tweet

Those that follow me regularly know I've often refered to Joe Biden as "Slo Joe." As much as I have a great deal of sympathy for his family tragedies over the years, all too often his political legacy resembles an SNL skit.

But Biden is just a reflection of the current state of the Democrat Party. In the last several weeks, rumors have been floated hinting Al Gore, John F. Kerry and Elizabeth Warren might also enter the race. This has largely been due to Hillary Clinton's campaign imploding. In particular, a majority of Americans now find her untrustworthy and a pathological liar. In addition, her high unfavorability polls now have Democrats in a frenzy searching for other options. 

But the bench for the Democrats resembles a recycle bin.  Al Gore had his shot. He lost. And then went on to lose his frigging mind. John F. Kerry will always remain a back-stabbing, pompous fool as we've witnessed in one foreign policy failure after another. Mind you. This is the guy who negotiated an Iran Deal that allows Iran to monitor itself. The logic behind such a negotiation is both warped and perverted---and very dangerous. Add Elizabeth Warren--an unabashed progressive and another fake, phony and fraud, to the mix and the resulting concoction is a swill of some really, really disturbing human beings. Keep in mind, Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is actually giving Hillary Clinton a run for her corrupt money.

Having said all this, one still has to be skeptical of the Republicans. After all, this is the party that lost the last election to a president with one of the worst legacies in American history. This is also the party that promised to roll back almost everything Obama has done in the last 7 years. Instead, Obama rolled them over and over again from ObamaCare to illegal immigration to their failure in stopping his distressing and weak foreign policy. And Obama did this while Republicans hold all the power in Washington.

Nevertheless, John Podhoretz, a nationally syndicated commentator and conservative, expressed all of this best in a recent piece when he wrote: "Bernie? Biden? Please. Once Hillary implodes, Dems have no one who isn't a kook to take her place."