Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Black Lives Matter Activists And Their Own Misguided And Dangerous Ideology

Black Lives Matter! Yes, but please tell that to the black criminals who pose the greatest danger to black lives in this country...Dinesh D'Souza Tweet

Yesterday CNN interviewed Julius Jones, a Black Lives Matter activist. In the interview, Jones actually said, "And when people say 'All Lives Matter,' it's a violent statement..."

In fact, we recently witnessed the intolerance of this misguided group of punks when they disrupted speeches by Democrat primary opponents Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. The protesters (who always lecture the rest of us about free speech) actually yelled out at Bernie's rally, "If you do not listen...Your event will be shut down." (Sanders, by the way, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr.).  In response to those activists, both Sanders and O'Malley folded like cheap umbrellas as one would expect from most progressives when they are challenged to defend the truth.

The Black Lives Matter group reminds me of the Occupy Wall Street misfits. They came on the scene rather suddenly in 2011 occupying Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. But their movement quickly fizzled after their own hypocrisy was exposed and their violent behavior took hold in the headlines as in a Yahoo News piece {"Occupy Wall Street Consumed By Crime Wave"}. After those expositions, their credibility (whatever credibility they had) was shattered.

If the Black Lives Matter movement had any credibility, they would be protesting on city hall doorsteps of most of America's progressive run cities where black criminals pose the greatest danger to black lives in America. Since 2012, over 12,000 blacks have been murdered {Mediaite}. In Chicago alone, 78% of homicide victims are black {Chicago Tribune}. 

They should also consider protesting in front of the 78% Planned Parenthood clinics located in black communities. While blacks make up about 12% of the population, they make up 35% of abortions in America {Black Genocide).

Last year, I wrote a piece pointing out Martin Luther King, Jr. would have many reasons to smile today because of the great strides in human dignity that have taken place for blacks in the last five decades. But I also pointed out he would have many reasons to cry for the amount of work we still have left to do. But he would have just as many reasons to cry because of the conspicuous exploitation of the black community by race hustlers and punks. I fear we might be watching this very same play out with the Black Lives Matter movement. After all, it's the black community that has suffered the most in the wake of failed progressive policies. Unfortunately---in too many cases---the outcomes have been self-delusion and self-destruction.

Postscript: And the Black Lives Matter movement recently held an anti-cop (anti-NYPD) protest in NYC. Last year, NYPD police officers killed 8 people---yes 8. Of those, FOUR were black. Most were armed with some type of weapon. Via NY Post   Also, five Dallas police officers were murdered last week.  Yet, that didn't even deter BLM's agitation and rioting the following weekend.