Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As Most Of The GOP Plays T-Ball With The Media, Trump Plays Hard Ball

Hillary Clinton Assured Drop In Polls Just Indication People Haven't Abandoned Ideals Yet...The Onion

In December of 2014, I posed this question: "Do Republicans know they won a landslide mid-term election.?" And although I'm a registered Independent, albeit a conservative one, I felt obliged to asks that question immediately after the elections.

Many Republicans continue to ask themselves that very same question. Conservatives certainly have. As I've written on several occasions, all to often the Republican Party appears to be a mirage. There is no doubt that GOP leadership under John Boehner and Mitch McConnell has been a conspicuous disappointment.

Having said that, the current crop of Republican presidential candidates are an impressive lot with some exceptions. In fact, it's my opinion that if Hillary Clinton were to survive all of her current scandals, she'd have a battle on her hands with most of them. In particular, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and perhaps even John Kasich might give her a run for her corrupt money. I sincerely believe she would win against Jeb Bush or that pathetic little twerp Lindsey Graham.

So how would Donald Trump fare against Clinton if both became nominees? I don't like putting off a challenge, but---in all honesty---I don't know. It's much too early to make any predictions. Presidential political seasons are much like football seasons. The playoff picture becomes more clear closer to the remaining weeks of the season. But I do know this. While many of the other GOP candidates play T-ball; Trump plays hard ball and it's currently paying off for him as most polls now show. As a legal immigrant myself, I'm glad he's taken illegal immigration to the forefront of the debate. Traditionally, this has been a 3rd rail issue for many Republicans largely because of their spineless approach to the issue. With Trump raising the issue, it's obviously been resonating with a lot of potential voters. As I've written in some previous posts, it appears more Americans admire the fact that Trump does not back down when challenged either by fellow Republicans or the media. By the way, one of the reasons I also admire Fiorina is not only her taking it to Hillary Clinton but she also doesn't back down from the media or from some of Trump's attacks upon her.

I also happen to believe that poor leadership in both parties have given voters Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But if I was a betting guy, I'd put my money on red. If anything, he gives voters an appearance of leadership. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton's leadership skills and ethics have been conspicuous by their absence. In her case, orange just may become the new black.