Monday, August 17, 2015

Clinton-Trump-Tebow: All Leave The Political Class + Presstitutes Tripping Over Their Own Stupidity

"I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail." Clinton's first impulse is to always reach for a lie... My Tweet today after more news broke this weekend that State Department identified 60 email messages containing classified information.

I know you might be asking yourself: What the hell do Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Tim Tebow have to do with one another? Actually---everything and nothing.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been cloaked in bubble wrap by the progressive media class for the last 3 decades. He for his cheating on Hillary. She for being void of any noteworthy accomplishments as both NYS Senator and Secretary of State including the most recent conspicuous lies she's told regarding her e-mails. Throughout all these years, the progressive media class just couldn't understand why so many Americans were not conned by these two fake, phony and frauds. After all, the progressive media's job has been to scam all of us when it comes to reporting on the truth. Unfortunately, for the nation, the con worked all too often. To quote the late, great George Carlin: "Think of how stupid the average person is and realize half of them are stupider than that." This is what the media keeps handing its hat on everyday.

And then there's Donald Trump. As I wrote in my previous piece, I believe Trump is simply water skiing in the wake of the Tea Party. If you recall, after the Tea Party came into existence about six years ago, they were vilified by both the media and even the elite in the Republican Party. They couldn't understand what the attraction was. It became so absurd many in the media even started insulting Tea Party folks as tea baggers. And shortly after the Republican 2010 landslide victory, these same critics needed to wrap their heads with duct tape to prevent their heads from exploding. In addition, these same people thought the Tea Party would just burn itself out. But then then we witnessed the same outcome with the 2014 mid-term elections. As I've also written, I'm not a big Trump fan. I want to see a genuine conservative win. But I have to hand it to Trump for not backing down and continuing to double-down on what he believes in. That also drives the elites nuts.

And then there's the Tim Tebow phenomena. The elites in the media---especially the politically correct garbage can known as ESPN---can't figure out his attraction to so many Americans. In his first game in two years this past weekend with the Philadelphia Eagles, he was given a standing ovation. And yes, it's Philadelphia, a city I'm all to familiar with. But he's been receiving this type of positive attention by fans for years now (even though he beat my Steelers in OT when he played for Denver---unforgivable).

The reaction to all three by the progressive media (including the sports media) and political class is just one illustration of the disconnect with most Americans. 

And, quite frankly, for me and I know many Americans: it's a beautiful thing watching and listening to why they think they are smarter than all of us but keep tripping over their own stupidity.