Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trump Is Water Skiing In The Wake Created By The Tea Party

Poll: 89% Of Americans Believe Obama Has Failed To Bring America Closer To Celestial Utopia Of Endless Pleasure...The Onion

In my previous post, I posed this question: What are voters to do when conventional wisdom and common sense are turned upside down? The same can be said for the reaction of the political class and the media to Donald Trump's rise in the polls. And while my preference falls with some other GOP candidates (hint: those who are and have been consistently conservative), I think I know why we're witnessing this current phenomena.

Since the GOP debate and despite Trump's arguments with Fox News, he's still on top of the most recent polling.  For example, NBC News has Trump at 23% with Cruz at 13% among Republican voters. Reuters has him at 24% with Jeb Bush at 12% dropping from 17%.

So what could account for Trump's current success? If you recall, we watched the same reaction from the political class and the media with the birth of the Tea Party in 2009. In fact, even some Republicans---albeit progressive Republicans---attacked the Tea Party at the time. The targets of the Tea Party included, but were not limited to, the rising debt, the stimulus package and general dissatisfaction with the political class. It was during this period when we were also eyewitness to the rise of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and even Marco Rubio.

I contend, whether Trump is aware of it or not, he's water-skiing in the ideological wake created by the Tea Party six years ago. His rise clearly illustrates how many more Americans hold the Obama administration and Congress in disdain. In addition,  as I pointed out in an earlier piece, unlike most politicians Trump doesn't back down from controversy. He doesn't run to the nearest microphone to apologize for anything he might have said no matter how outrageous. We saw this recently regarding his comments about Megyn Kelly of Fox News. In fact, he's even had a tendency to double-down on comments many find offensive. In short, Trump has no fear of being politically incorrect on occasion unlike most in the political class today. His appeal may not be all that appealing to many but his intestinal fortitude certainly is. 

I don't know how long he's going to ride this wave. Many felt the Tea Party would burn itself out. The 2010 and 2014 election outcomes proved otherwise.

My one suggestion to Trump if he minds to take it. Stop whining. Leaders don't whine. Focus on policies. And focus on the real target who now happens to be Hillary Clinton.

As I mentioned earlier, I don't see myself voting for Trump. In my opinion, there are several other more qualified candidates whose core principles remain conservative.  Having said that, like many other Americans today, I admire his guts in taking on the political class. And who can argue with a candidate whose motto is: "I Want To Make America Great Again." I do know this. I believe his supporters want Trump to continue being Trump---not like the politicians of old. The question still remains: Can he sustain his momentum?