Monday, August 10, 2015

What Are Voters To Do When Conventional Wisdom & Common Sense Are Turned Upside Down?

HACKS investigate Walker: SCANDAL!
HACKS investigate Perry: SCANDAL!
HACKS investigate Christie: SCANDAL!
FBI investigates Hillary: Crickets...Razor's Tweet

If there's anything to learn about the current political climate, it's that conventional wisdom and common sense have been turned upside down. It's almost as if the voter has to look up to look down.

After the last debate moderated by Fox News, the news cycle has been overwhelmed by what Donald Trump said about Megyn Kelly. In addition, the base is upset at some of the questioning by the Fox News moderators. Allow me to make two observations: 1) The post-debate about the debate is a major distraction. It's only the first one of almost a dozen. Relax. 2) And if I were to give Trump a suggestion it would be this: get back to talking about policy. All eyes should be on one prize: that's ensuring Hillary Clinton or whomever never steps foot in the White House. The country won't be able to withstand 4 or more years of progressive insanity and chaos.

And speaking of conventional wisdom and common sense being turned upside down, the evidence is overwhelming. For example:

  • Hillary Clinton remains the favored among many Democrats even as her poll numbers continue to tank. But this is a politician who has more baggage than can fit into the belly of a Boeing 777. If it were a sane world, she wouldn't even be considered for any political post let alone president of the U.S.
  • We currently have an administration who believes its deal with Iran is a good one. I know this. FDR, during WWII, would never have considered sending our enemies millions of dollars. This administration wants to give Iran about $150B. That's insane knowing Iran is a terrorist state and responsible for killing Americans. Whether this administration and its supporters know, Iran has been at war with the U.S. for decades. Oh! Lest I forget. It was recently announced that Iran will be purchasing five long-range, surface-to-air missile systems from RUSSIA.  And if you listen carefully, they still chant "Death to America," Oh, one more thing. They continue to hold 4 Americans hostage.
  • We also have an administration that continues to be an apologist for Islamist terrorists. It was just about a month ago when Pres. Obama "Ideologies are not defeated by guns. They're defeated by better ideas." Mr. President, it wasn't peace activists with better ideas who liberated Europe and thousands of people in Nazi concentration camps---it was warriors with guns and bombs.
  • We have a Congress that is actually debating whether a federally funded slaughterhouse like Planned Parenthood should continue receiving those federal funds. One of the several justifications by the organization's supporters is that they need the funds to continue providing health care to women. I recently Googled something like "health clinics for women" and received over 19 million results. Their claim is bogus. Moreover, they perform about 30% of all the abortions in the nation. In other words, the nation's premier provider of abortions does not want us to know they provide abortions.
  • This week we've been witness to the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Violence has once again broken out. I contend it's the outcome of the continuation of perpetuating a false narrative by the media and others about the shooting. Moreover, there are still to many people who put their trust in thugs and goons like Al Sharpton and his ilk.
  • Anyone with any degree of common sense and reasoning knows most major American cities run by progressives have been run into the ground. If you think my observation is out of bounds, allow me to follow up on a prediction I made on this very blog over a year ago regarding New York City. At the time, I wrote that the election of the Marxist sympathizing mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, would plunge NYC into progressive hell. Quinnipiac's most recent poll numbers found that the quality of life in NYC---under his administration---is getting worse according to many voters. For example, when asked if they approve of the Mayor's handling of crime, 52% disapprove. When asked if they approve or disapprove of the way the mayor is handling relations between the police and community, 56%  disapprove. By almost every measure NYC is again plunging into progressive hell. It's joining the ranks of Chicago, Detroit, and countless other cities run by progressives.
  • We've also been witness to countless examples of the dangers and consequences of perverse political correctness. We've seen that played out with the Ft. Hood shooter to this administration's failure to call out who the enemy is. As I've written on many occasions, it takes more courage to be politically incorrect these days. For example, it was politically correct in 1930's and '40's Germany to condone violence and even the killing of Jews.
These are but a sampling of many examples. The fact is when one observes the current state of the nation and even the world, it's clear conventional wisdom and common sense have been turned on their heads. It's time to recognize that aberration and national (and international) neurosis. It's time to make change in the current political class.