Monday, September 28, 2015

Be Thankful Of Social Media: It Unveils The Deception & Lies Of The Political Class

NASA has reported that the desolate, hopeless, uninhabitable, bleak terrain of Mars is evidence of an ancient civilization of liberals...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Be thankful for social media. It's role in our everyday lives is enormous. It's role in politics is just as prodigious. This was in evidence with John Boehner's announcement that he will be resigning from Congress next month. Let's not kid ourselves. He resigned because conservatives made is exceedingly clear he was ineffective as a leader. He was part of the problem.

Having said that, if anyone believes everything will be fine once he leaves office---you don't understand the problem. The same can be said when Mr. Obama leaves office. The problem is pronounced: The political class continues to have contempt for the will of the people. One glaring example is Hillary Clinton. Even with all of the baggage she's carrying and her tanking poll numbers, she continues to remain a candidate for the highest office in our nation. She, like many in the political class, keeps flipping us the bird even though her legacy is more stained than Monica's blue dress.

Fortunately, we now have social media that helps us unveil the deception and lies of the political class. And even though social media can have both good and bad outcomes, it's patently clear it helps reveal the truth as well as the facts. The political class can no longer hide behind the closed doors of Congress and make their sleazy deals in the cigar smoke-filled back rooms. As recently as two decades ago, our sources of news were largely limited to newspapers and television. Not anymore. Today's technology enables us to search a myriad of alternative news sources. To list just a few examples of news stories that would have been buried in the past (while the media  continues to try to bury or omit aspects of news, social media makes it more difficult to do so):

  • While the attack on our consulate in Benghazi would probably have been reported, the specifics of what really happened behind the scenes would have probably remained a secret.
  • The Fast and Furious scandal would never have seen the light of day. Ditto for the IRS scandal.
  • The main stream media would never have uncovered the lies of ObamaCare. It took social media to bring them to light.
  • Incidents like what occurred in Ferguson ("Hands-Up; Don't Shoot) would have remained a true story.
  • The Tea Party would never have had the impact it had on two major mid-term elections.
  • The foreign policy failures of this administration would have been mitigated by the main stream media. In fact, even today, most of the sins of the media are sins of omission. They simply don't report on significant stories that might endanger their progressive political ideology. Social media helps fill those gaps in reporting as in the recent Iran Deal.
  • Genuine conservatives such as Ted Cruz and a handful of others would rarely get an opportunity of face time in the main stream media. Again, conservatives now have access to social media outlets.
  • In fact, today's media actually pretends to be ethical, honest and credible. We now know that from social media.
  • The nation would never have known that Harry Reid is just a miserable prick.
  • Look how long Brian Williams and Dan Rather survived in their professions before social media revealed their deception.
  • The scandals surrounding the VA would barely have been mentioned by any major media source.
  • We would never know the extent of the problems associated with illegal immigration.
  • It wasn't the main stream media that broke the Monica-Clinton scandal. It was the fledgling Drudge Report. Newsweek and others decided to take a pass on the scandal. One could make an argument that Drudge gave birth to the political social media.
These are just a small sampling of how social media helped unveil the deception and lies of the political class including their enablers in the media. It also helps us defend the truth with facts. Michael Good of the NY Post once said of the many scandals of the Obama administration, "We'll need a lot of sunshine to disinfect this rot." Social media is one way of doing just that. As I wrote some time ago, social media is the "alarm and muster" system of the modern age. Paul Revere would be proud.