Friday, October 2, 2015

Another Mass Shooting At A Gun Free Nirvana Zone

Don't politicize the murders into which the president quickly injected gun control politics...Razor's Tweet

I always find this fascinating. Anytime there's an active shooter in some gun free zone, we're always awaiting men and women with guns to arrive to neutralize the threat. That should raise the next logical question: Why not have armed security personnel in these gun-free nirvana's? 

Of course, that question will never be asked because it makes too much sense.It also disrupts the real agenda of the gun control crowd: Namely, they want to see every American disarmed---even law abiding citizens. In fact, it wasn't too long ago when that obese hypocrite---Michael Moore---actually called for the disarming of police officers. And don't for a second believe his warped suggestion is not shared by many in the gun control movement. It is.

Of course, the reaction to mass shootings is always predictable. While the most reasonable among us ask to pray for the victims, the exploitation of the tragedy begins almost immediately as we witnessed from Mr. Obama yesterday. The misguided like Obama demand more gun control; they always neglect to report the responsibility rests with the shooter. After the shooting in South Carolina this past summer, the knuckleheads at the Daily Beast actually wrote in a Tweet: "Gunman killed more people last night than every ISIS wannabe." I wonder what he would have Tweeted if he reported on the 50 shootings that occurred in Chicago alone in just the last two weekends? Or for that matter, when Pres. Obama actually said, "Gun violence like this doesn't happen in other countries." Apparently, the the lunatic in gun-free zone of Norway must have not crossed his mind. That prick shot and killed 77 unarmed young people.

Just as disturbing, we watch the rush to judgement to advance a political agenda that always targets (pun intended) our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

One fact is certain. Another active shooter roamed yet another gun free zone---zones that invite lunatics to prey on unarmed victims. If gun control actually worked, then why aren't Chicago, Detroit. Baltimore and other cities with restrictive gun rights the safest in the nation? Moreover, in almost every case of a mass killer, there have been signs indicating the shooter was disturbed in some way. In the recent Oregon incident, there are reports he posted warnings on the Internet the day before he decided to murder innocents on that campus.  

Just once, let's stop with the exploitation of the victims. Let's focus on the real reasons for these mass shootings. Because we do know this. They haven't been the work of responsible gun owners. They've been the work of  lunatics who know their victims will be unarmed