Wednesday, October 21, 2015

As Biden Takes A Pass, Democrats Can Be Heard Yelling: "Damn! We're Stuck With The Bitch"

I always respected Joe Biden for being too stupid to be corrupt...David Burge Tweet

Make no mistake. Democrats are not happy Joe Biden decided to take a pass. They know they're stuck with a flawed candidate---someone who still might indicted. And if she is, Biden can easily jump back into the race even though raising money and setting up an infrastructure in every state would be challenging.

So let's take a good, hard look at what Democrats are left with when it comes to their one and only viable candidate for president:

  • We know from several books written about her and Bill Clinton's tenure that she can be a first-class bitch especially when it comes to her interactions with the Secret Service, military personnel and law enforcement. One classic example: When greeted by a Secret Service agent, she replied, "F*ck Off!." (from "First Family Detail..." by Ronald Kessler.
  • We know she lied about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi when her staff and the administration blamed the attack on a video. We also know she lied to the families of those brave men killed in Benghazi because family members are on record she lied to them.
  • We now know she kept a private server and even Pres. Obama didn't know about it. He told the nation that on "60 Minutes."
  • We know she lied about not communicating classified material when she did.
  • Like John F. Kerry before her (when he ran for president), she's flipped and flopped countless times changing her positions on same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, the trade deal and more. As the NY Post wrote recently: "It's whether she believes anything at all."
  • As presidential candidate, she's railed against income inequality as she charged $300K for 90 minute speeches. In addition, she paid her female staff 72 cents to every dollar paid to men.
  • Her Foundation neglected to report $26M in foreign donations and failed to disclose who many of the donors were.
  • As Secretary of State, she personally oversaw a foreign policy that was left in tatters from Syria to Iran to Iraq to our relationship with Russia To neglecting the rise of Boko Haram.
  • We know one of her first impulses is to reach for a lie (kinda like her husband did). Some of these included claiming she was under sniper fire in Bosnia, and even claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.
  • We know she's claimed to be one of the most transparent politicians in history. This from the person who didn't tell anyone about her personal server and deleted 30,000 emails.
  • The late William Safire of the NY Times as well as a Pulitzer Prize winner once referred to her as a "congenital liar."
Republicans now have another low-hanging fruit to pick on in Hillary Clinton. But keep in mind, Romney faced off with a president who had a horrific first term in office and he lost. For this reason, I always warn those who don't support Clinton---keep the fork handy but know this: You might not get an opportunity to use it. 

Meanwhile, Hillary can go shopping for more pant suits.