Monday, October 19, 2015

The Obama Administration + The Media Are Complicit In Betraying Israel

Russia strikes Syria
China hacks U.S.
Turkey downs Russian drone
Palestinians attack Israel
America mad at evil climate change...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

On several previous posts, I've summarized the Obama administration's non-stop blunders in foreign policy. Perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of of this failed foreign policy has been this administration's historic betrayal of many of its allies. This has certainly been evident regarding Israel. Moreover, the media has been complicit in this betrayal. In fact, I challenge many Americans whether they even know what's going on in Israel today. And if they do read reports in our media, the news about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is usually distorted.

A classic example of these distortions and lies occurred just several days ago. MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin was reporting on yet another stabbing in Jerusalem. The attacker was shot. However, in Mohyeldin's report, he claimed the Palestinian attacker was unarmed. There was one slight problem. In the actual news video of Mohyeldin report, the attacker was clearly shown holding a knife.

But these distortions and outright lies are not only specific to live shots. As Honest Reporting reported this week, the media lies are also embedded in the headlines. For example:

Four More Palestinians Shot Dead On The Streets...News Middle East
Israelis Kill 4 Palestinians As Violence Surges...USA Today
Palestinians Shot Dead In Alleged Knife Attacks...Sky News 

All of these headlines and many others across the media have this agenda in common: To portray Israel as the aggressor as well as sympathizing with the Palestinian terrorists.

As I did in a previous post, this blog is going to set the record straight. In the last month alone, Israelis have experienced the following terrorism:

  • 41 terror attacks as of several hours ago
  • 75 people have been injured
  • 34 were stabbed
  • 4 shootings
  • 3 car rammings
  • 8 have been murdered
  • The dead and injured include an IDF soldier as well as other soldiers and civilians.
  • The IDF is now reporting that ISIS and al-Qaeda are operating in the Sinai, posing a threat to Israel's southern border.
  • Several days ago, Palestinians set fire to St. Joseph's tomb in Nablus.
And it doesn't end there. Danny Dannon, Israel's ambassador to the UN, in a speech to the Security Council held up a a poster with a diagram of the human body. It was entitled, "How To Stab A Jew." Palestinian children are being shown that poster. In addition, a video with the same title went viral on Arab social media last year. (By the way, if a video entitled, "How To Kill A Muslim" was published, our media would be all over it.)

Innocent Israeli citizens are now paying a heavy price for this incitement and propaganda. Unfortunately, many in the media are to blame.

There is some good news. Israel is not a gun free zone unlike Chicago. Most assailants are shot dead by either IDF security forces or armed Israeli citizens.