Friday, October 23, 2015

The Presstitutes In Media Proclaim Nothing To See Here As HRC's Many Lies + Deceptions Were Revealed

Hillary says she takes complete responsibility for Benghazi. "Responsibility Without Consequences." I could learn to like that concept...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Last September I penned a piece entitled, "As More Information Is Revealed Regarding Hillary Clinton---What Are The Consequences?" Yesterday, we learned there aren't any.

We learned this in the face of evidence that Hillary Clinton knew all along the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack (she emailed Chelsea the evening of the attacking stating it was). Yet, she and her staff perpetuated the big lie---that the attack was a response to a video. Catherine Herridge of Fox News and perhaps one of the best journalist today, said: "She told her family it was Al-Qaeda yet she went out for days---even weeks in this administation---blaming this video." Clinton also told the families of the four brave Americans who died defending the consulate, the attack was a response to the video. That lie was deliberate to deceive the American people.

The reason for the deception was clear. It was calculated to protect the Obama administration with the approaching election. At the time, the Obama administration and campaign ran on the premise that "Bin Laden Is Dead; General Motors Is Alive." And married to that claim, Mr. Obama stated "Al-Qaeda is on the run."

But even more disturbing and insulting were Clinton's comments about the four men who died. "I'm here to honor the service of those four men," she said. She also stated she lost sleep over the entire episode. One fact is clear. The families of the victims have certainly lost a lot of sleep since the attack. And to those who today are praising the fact that Clinton was able to withstand the Republican onslaught for 11 hours at yesterday's hearing, I say this: those four brave Americans withstood a terrorist onslaught for over 11 hours because she and her State Department failed to provide the necessary cover during the terrorist attack. The fact is she pretended to be concerned. She pretended to save face for herself and to protect the Obama administration. 

The presstitutes in the media and the progressive political class will continue to cloak Clinton in bubble wrap just as they did with her husband. And it should surprise no one since their warped ideology always trumps the welfare, security and safety of the American people.

Damn! Democrats sure have it good.

POSTSCRIPT:  Since this was posted, the e-mail scandal has erupted as well as the scandals involving the Clinton Foundation.  Yet---still no consequences.