Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Warped And Toxic Is Progressive Ideology?---This Warped And Toxic

With climate change as our #1 enemy, Pres. Obama has replaced the Secretary of Defense with Al Roker...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

This week---the week after NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed by yet another thug---scumbags decided to hold an anti-cop rally in Washington Square Park in Manhattan. This was the same rally where another Hollywood nitwit, Quentin Tarantino, insulted police officers and the memory of Officer Holder. The hypocrisy of Tarantino is stunning. This is the same putz whose made millions with movies glorifying killing and violence. This year alone, four NYPD officers were shot and killed. Two of them were ambushed while sitting in their police cruiser last December. There is some good news even in the tragedy of Holder's murder. His family does not want Al Sharpton speaking at the funeral. One reason? Officer Holder despised Sharpton.

This past summer we also witnessed many knuckleheads in the Black Lives Matter movement shout: "Pigs in a blanket; Fry'em like bacon." Those race-baiting bullies shouted those disgraceful comments and others subsequent to the ambushed killing of Texas sheriff Darren Goforth. He was shot in the back of his head while pumping fuel for his vehicle.

But progressive warped ideology doesn't end there. In case you missed it, Bruce Jenner (AKA Caitlyn) may be honored by Glamour magazine as---get your duct tape out---"Woman of The Year."

And last week, we also witnessed Hillary Clinton caught in multiple lies at the Benghazi Hearings yet the presstitutes in the media hailed her testimony. 

Allow me to continue with the nonsense coming out of the progressive political class (also includes  many in the media):

  • Israel is still considered the "bad" player in the Middle East as its citizens are being murdered in their streets on a daily basis. The same screwball observations were made against Israel as Hamas rained thousands of rockets upon Israeli soil for years.
  • As Hillary Clinton and her ilk bash the 1%, she's raked in millions of dollars from corporate fat cats including lobbyists and bankers. Remember, she's also the hypocrite who charged a quarter of a million dollars per 90 minute speech. In fact, the NY Post reported yesterday, Clinton has received more donations from CEOs than any other GOP candidate.
  • Speaking of Al Sharpton, how long has he been the spokesperson for many in the black community?
  • How many black lives have been lost in the wake of failed progressive policies in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and too many others to name here? The Black Lives Matter movement doesn't even concern itself with those black lives.
  • We watched as many in the media continued to perpetuate a false narrative regarding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. By the way, so did the vile Tarantino at the anti-cop rally. 
  • We've also beeen witness to the warped ideology surrounding the insane concept of sanctuary cities. 
  • In the "tolerant" progressive universities and colleges we're seeing an attack on free speech (against conservatives) as well as raging anti-semitism. In addition, as Islamist continue to stack one Christian body on another, our media remains generally silent on the genocide.
  • In Bernie Sanders, the Democrats actually have an avowed socialist running for president. Yet, we have yet to hear any MSM reporter ask him: "So Bernie, can you show us were Socialism has actually worked?" He can't because his own destructive ideology has welcomed the likes of Che, Castro, Chavez and countless other socialist scumbags.
These are but a few examples of what progressively ideology leaves in its toxic wake. While it clear that the facts and truth have never been progressive values, it remains disturbing that so many Americans have bought into this pernicious and often harmful ideology.

Postscripts:  Add to this the recent reports on Benghazi, by the FBI and WikiLeaks.