Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Republican Party Is No Longer An Opposition Party

Losing like a gentleman when your country is on fire is no virtue...John Nolte Tweet

In the past, I've written a handful of pieces illustrating the Republicans to be feckless and spineless. In fact, I've often referred to the Party as a mirage. The current Budget Act (2015) confirms my observations again. Instead of reducing the size of government and curtailing government spending, the "bipartisan" Budget Act gives Democrats everything they want. Even more disturbing, it takes away a significant campaign tool to use against Hillary Clinton during this campaign.

This two-year budget does nothing to set up spending caps. It does nothing to balance the budget. In fact, it increases discretionary spending caps by almost $50 billion in the next fiscal year (2016) and $30 billion in 2017. In other words, it increases spending by at least $80 billion.

In addition to this budget, Republicans appear to have completely disengaged from core conservative values and principles. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Limited government. Not government overreach into every aspect of our lives.
  • Supporting free enterprise and economic liberty. You can't have either when they fail to address the country's growing debt. As of this very moment, the official debt is $18.4 trillion dollars. The nation's actual debt is over $100 trillion dollars when social security and Medicare are factored in.
  • Pursuing the lowering of taxes. Right now, that's a pipe dream.
Well managed government finance is just one of many core principles associated with conservatives. Others include ensuring our national security, continued support of a strong military (especially will all of the current threats we face globally), abiding by our Constitutional principles, and keeping the pledges made to the American people.

Republicans managed to win two mid-term elections handily. Yet, in the face of a failed presidential administration, they lost two national elections.  One reason for their failure to win those two national elections can be directly attributed to weak leadership in both the House and Senate. It's no secret to conservatives that both Boehner (House) and McConnell (Senate) have been total disasters for the Party. For example, how many times in the last seven years have Republicans promised to repeal ObamaCare? How many times have they promised to take on illegal immigration? Both of these broken promises are evidence of Republican weakness.

The fact that Democrat leadership (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) support this budget proposal is all you need to know. In fact, she praised Paul Ryan's support of the tentative budget deal. (As I write this, it appears Paul Ryan will take over the House Speaker seat). The astronauts in the space station can actually see the smiles on their faces.

If you're surprised at the strength of Trump and Dr. Carson at this point in the campaign, don't be. Conservatives Americans have every right to be cautious of the elite Republican political class. After all, they have yet to prove to have the backs of conservatives. 

To once again refer to a Tweet for David Burge: "The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing me I had quarters in my ears or maybe that was Grandpa." In this case, it's been Republicans.