Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Is It Time To Question Mr. Obama's Mental Health?

" {Gun shootings} don't happen in other countries." Obama said in Paris where jihadis shot 12 at Charlie Hebdo and ISIS killed 130 last month...Razor's Tweet

Pathological lies coming from the chief executive of the greatest and most powerful nation on earth can result in some serious consequences. Mr. Obama {and Hillary Clinton} have made lying an art form. From " You can keep you doctor" to "I made America the most respected country on earth" to "This administration is the most transparent administration in history"---well, you get the picture. It's not pretty. Add to the lies, the whining, the vindictive behavior and rhetoric and the blaming of others for his own failures, it should surprise no one why most rational Americans have a low opinion of Mr. Obama.

But Obama's recent comments in Paris put him on another level. Perhaps with the exception of Richard Nixon, I don't believe we've witnessed such a  delusional American president. This was clearly evident in Paris this week. For example:

  • He likened terrorism and ISIS to climate change when he said, "And in some ways, it's akin to the problem of terrorism and ISIL."
  • He actually believes we can beat ISIS by fighting----climate change.
  • And he was able to top those delusional statements by proclaiming the mass shootings we have in America don't happen in Europe. Say what? He said this in the city that's still in mourning for the 10 dozen people mass murdered just two weeks ago. He said this on the continent where a lunatic murdered 77  innocent young people in Norway just 4 years ago.
And just as disturbing, Mr. Obama might be the only president who just can't help bashing America and Americans. This came to light as soon as he became president when he embarked on in his apology tour. Whether in the Middle East, Asia or Europe, America is to blame for the world's ills according to this current American president. As Rupert Murdoch wrote so well recently: "We shouldn't apologize for America; we should celebrate America. For a world as it might have been without America is a much, much lesser world."

Obviously, Mr. Obama never learned that lesson. I'd suggest some serious therapy.

Postscript: Since this was posted, there was another mass shooting.  It took Mr. Obama a heartbeat to exploit the tragedy---this from the administration that sent 1000's of illegal weapons to Mexican cartels. We know one of those weapons was used to kill one of our Border Patrol Agents.