Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Progressives Yearn For A Nihilistic America

Obama: If we only had tougher gun laws against law-abiding citizens, Islamic terrorists would have no way to get weapons...Razor's Tweet

It's becoming increasingly clear that progressives yearn for a nihilistic America. We've watched this develop as more progressives reject religion, family and moral values as well as rejecting the truth and the facts.  For a moment, let's just look at recent developments:
  • In the aftermath of the San Bernadino shootings, the focus by progressives (including the administration) was to fix attention on gun control rather than terrorist control.
  • We watched as flagrantly false narratives were perpetuated on the American public by the presstitutes in the media. Ferguson was just one example of many.
  • While there are bad police officers as there are bad folks in all professions, the media reinforced the cop haters. Yet, it's was the police who ended the shooting spree in San Bernadino just they do on a daily basis throughout the nation. In addition, 60 police officers gave their lives to help others on 9/11. In fact, one officer in San Bernadino actually told frightened victim : "Everyone try to relax...I'll take a bullet before you do---that's for damn sure."
  • We actually have a candidate running for president of the U.S. in Hillary Clinton who can't bring herself to tell the truth. The same can be said for the current administration.
  • Clinton, like her former boss, won't admit we have a war against Islamist terrorists.
  • We have an administration and a progressive political class whose obsessed with backlash against Muslims when even the FBI's own data clearly shows that more hate crimes are committed against Jews than Muslims (60% vs. 16%).
  • We have an entire progressive political class that refuses to admit they can't even operate their own cities well. Most recently, we see this with Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago and former aid to Pres. Obama.
  • We have a climate change crowd who actually puts its faith in Al Gore or as Andrea Peyser of the New York Post describe him: "The Gulfstream-jet-hopping, mansion dwelling, greenhouse gas-guzzling hypocrite and self-appointed savior of not really-endangered polar bears..."
  • A president who really never ended the war in Iraq as ISIS filled the vacuum.
What we are witnessing is a political class whose transformation only means it will continue to diminish our great nation as it continues to lie and deceive the American people. That's nihilistic to the core.