Sunday, March 20, 2016

Progressives And Their Penchant For Masochism

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled...Mark Twain

In the past, I've written several posts about New York City under the tenure of its current mayor, Bill de Blasio.  I predicted he would plunge NYC into progressive hell.  It appears I was right.

I chose to write about NYC rather than some of the other American cities run by progressives. For one, I know the city well. I was raised in Manhattan and the South Bronx. In addition, even after leaving the city, I still had relatives there. I visited often over the years. I also witnessed the transformations of the city under progressive mayors and those who were conservative.  It's undeniable the city fared better under conservative leadership. Former Mayor Giuliani is the prime example.

But cities like NYC require our attention. It's usually cities (and, yes, states too) that lead the way with some specific initiatives.  Some of these become national issues.  Examples include those having to do with energy, the environment, health care and personal safety.  The examples are countless. Many are good but many are also bad. The imposition of burdensome taxes comes immediately to mind.

The question I often ask myself---knowing the implications and the outcomes of cities under progressive rule----is: Why do so many voters vote for progressives politicians realizing  full well the consequences will be dreadful?  Allow me to revisit NYC again after two years under Mayor de Blasio:

  • Two weeks ago, it was reported the morale of the NYPD is in the toilet.  Of 6000 officers (of approximately 25,000 total), on a scale of 1-10, the average rating of morale was 2.49. In fact, approximately 87% of the NYPD said the city is now "less safe." It's so bad that almost 90% of the officers said they would leave the NYPD if offered a better job in law enforcement. (NY Post)
  • Slashing and stabbings are up 20% this year. (NYPD crime stats).
  • The number of weapons in the city's schools surged by 25%.  (Families for Excellent Schools and the NYPD)
  • The number of violent incidents in the schools shot up 23% last year. (Ditto reference above).
  • NYC City Council is working on a bill to allow illegal immigrants to vote in elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and City Council. It's estimated over 500,000 illegal immigrants reside in the city.
  • Under de Blasio, NYC is now a "sanctuary" city.
  • In a recent Quinnipiac University Poll, 53% of NYC residents said the quality of life has deteriorated. Only 14% reported it was better.  In the same poll, 59% disapproved of the job de Blasio is doing. 61% disapprove of his handling of poverty and homelessness.
  • Last January,  de Blasio reappointed three judges that outraged the public. One of those judges freed a defendant accused of threatening to kill police officers immediately after two NYPD officers had been ambushed and executed.
  • Last February,  NYC City Council announced that 700,000 outstanding warrants for low-level crimes such as public urination, disorderly conduct and public drinking.  Police point out when these people commit lower-level crimes and are caught, the police find many with outstanding warrants and/or illegal weapons. In addition, some of these people caught committing quality of life crimes can lead to solving other more serious crimes.  As one police officer noted: "Is it a big deal if a person takes up two seats on a train?...No, but it is if he pees on it."
After all of this and more (it would take several pages to list the nonsense perpetuated under Mayor De Blasio),  one can only arrive at this conclusion:  Progressives have a penchant for masochism.

Note: It would be unfair for me to blame all New Yorkers considering de Blasio won his race for mayor with the support of 73% of only 21% of the electorate.  In other words, it appears only progressives showed up to vote for him and decided to have the other New Yorkers share in their misery.