Thursday, March 3, 2016

Republicans Expending More Energy To Dump Trump Than They Did To Dump Obama

Oh Good. Guy that lost one of the more winnable elections in history is gonna tell us where we're all going wrong...Josh Earnst Tweet (Parody account)

I like Mitt Romney. Always have. But the man disappointed me today. And while I will support any Republican against Hillary Clinton, his shots against Trump today were hollow.  Where was this energy four years ago to beat Mr. Obama?  Instead, Romney decided to insult millions who now reside on the Republican side of the political isle---the very base that supported him in 2012.

Romney's comments:

"An extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works." His endorsement is a "delight."  {I'm} "honored and pleased" {to have Trump's endorsement}.

That was Romney in 2012 when Trump endorsed him for president.

Romney's Comments Today:

Trump is a "phony, a fraud...and a con man" (By the way, similar to comments by Rubio last week). Romney continued: "Dishonesty is Trump's hallmark."

So which Romney are we to believe?  The fact is Romney's speech today will only help Trump. It will not hurt him. More evidence the Republican establishment is out of touch with many in their own base.

At the risk of repeating myself for many of my regular readers, this is exactly why I've referred to the Republican Party as a "mirage."  It's why they don't appear to be an opposition party anymore. And it's their behavior that clearly illustrates why Trump appeals to so many voters.

One fact is now clear. The Republican establishment created Trump. They helped create his appeal.  And if they are still searching for answers, they just need to look into a mirror. Perhaps, if they focused more energy on dumping Obama in 2012 instead of Trump in 2016, we'd be witnessing a far different campaign today.