Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Re: This Campaign: The Question Conservatives Should Be Asking Themselves

Discovery of Bernie Sanders' 1972 essay on rape fantasies has resulted in this morning's official endorsement by Bill Clinton...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

I've been fortunate to have almost 14,000 Twitter followers.  Always amazes me that so many fine people are interested in what I have to write or whom I retweet.  Most of my followers are into politics---big time. So it's certainly not unusual for me to read a variety of political opinions ranging from the economy, to foreign policy, to domestic policy and even extending to this current political campaign.

It's the range and diversity of political opinion that fascinates me the most.  Admittingly, most of the opinions fall on the right side of the political isle. Although I'm an independent politically, my core political principles are conservative.  In previous posts, I've explained how I evolved from a liberal in my early years to a conservative. (Hey, if Obama and others can do it, why can't I?).

Those of you who are familiar with my work also know how much I dislike progressive ideology. I find it disturbing, dangerous and destructive. If you want to "count the ways." feel free to read any number of my previous posts.  There you will find all you need to know about my feelings regarding Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In reviewing my archives, you'll also find I've taken Republicans to task.  Specifically, the Republican elite or as we now refer to them as the "establishment."  In short, they've also proven to be untrustworthy, weak and ineffective.  There have been numerous occasions when I even questioned if Republicans are an opposition party. Too often, they don't behave that way.  

Having said this, I find the current struggle between the Trump camp and the anti-Trump camp compelling and riveting.  My aim in this blog is not to convince anyone for whom to vote on the Republican ticket. That's up to each individual voter to decide.  The fact is both sides have appealing and even objectionable reasons in my opinion.

I've pointed out Trump's appeal should surprise no one.  His political sensibilities are often better than those of politicians.  His public relations sense is often pure genius. And he's been able to penetrate the dislike most conservatives have for the Republican political elite. He plays hardball with the media while others play T-ball.   Hence, he's where he is right now in the campaign---leading his opponents by significant numbers.

On the other hand,  Trump also has a lot of baggage that almost every conservative should show some cause for concern.  I've often taken Hillary Clinton to task for her pathological lying, double-talk, flip-flops and scandals.  And I have to be honest----if only to myself----I have to hold Trump accountable for his. In reviewing his past, I often find myself wondering what they heck he believes in---what the heck are his core principles. I know Clinton has none. But, all too often, Trump also appears to lack any himself.

As with Hillary Clinton, I'm obliged to ask myself:  Can Trump be trusted? I have my own reservations. But, as I referenced earlier, each voter has to decide for themselves. In addition , each voter should also pose that question to themselves.