Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump's Appeal Should Surprise No One

Trump Tells Iowa Dairy Farmers He Has Cows 500 Times Bigger Than Theirs...The Onion

Prior to the last Republican debate, I posted a piece entitled: "The Establishment Is Trying To Figure Our This Rubik's Cube."  I was referring to the Republican establishment trying to understand Trump's appeal---especially to conservatives.  But understanding Trump should surprise no one. He's political sense appears to be better than most politicians. His public relations sense is pure genius. Consider this. Right after the debate last week, the narrative in most of the media was how well Cruz and Rubio performed. And they did a good job in my opinion. But what did Trump do the very next day? He received  the endorsement of Chris Christie and immediately seized the narrative in the media from Rubio to the endorsement.

I'm also old enough to remember Ronald Reagan was treated in similar fashion by the Republican establishment when he ran for president.  Reagan was criticized for being an entertainer, an actor. So is Trump. Reagan was a Democrat in his previous political life. Trump's earlier ideology was more aligned with Democrats than with Republicans. But more importantly, Reagan followed Carter.  Trump might follow Obama. Both Democrats were failures as presidents. Hence, both appealed (appeal) to millions of Americans fed up with disastrous Democrat (progressive) domestic and foreign policy.

In addition to those observations, Trump's attacks on his campaign competitors is also clever and brilliant.  In the past, he's taken shots at establishment Republicans including McCain, Lindsey Graham and others. His main target now is Marco Rubio. Yet, Trump continues to have the support of conservatives. Why? Because conservatives despise establishment Republicans. In other words, Trump gets it. Moreover, many voters believe he's not been complicit to what's happened to this nation under this administration..

As I've written in the past, I'm not a HUGE Trump supporter. In fact, my preference dropped out some time ago. Nevertheless, I would support any one of the Republican candidates opposing Hillary Clinton largely because she's a pathological liar and any one of them is more competent than she is.

So I believe I've solved the political Rubik's cube.  The question remains: Will the Republican establishment?