Monday, April 25, 2016

Feel The Bern = Feel The Pain

"Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it."  ...Ronald Reagan

The difference between Capitalism and Socialism is not a mystery.  In short,  Capitalism rewards merit, respects rights and creates freedom (as in creating the U.S. of America). On the other hand, Socialism destroys,  robs prosperity and plunges a knife into the back of hope, aspiration and the national spirit.

The evidence of the damage that Socialism has done throughout history is overwhelming. But one doesn't need to go as far back as the old Eastern European block of countries. As a Pole myself, I've written about it often. It's happening right now in many countries and in many American cities. For example,  Venezuela is currently in the throes of socialist failure. This country---with some of the richest oil reserves in the world---is now importing oil.  It's economy is in shambles after two decades of socialist governments. It's so bad; Venezuelans do not even have access to enough toilet paper. Brazil faces similar challenges. As one commentator said recently, Brazil is wrecked by the twin evils of socialism and corruption. Both of these countries and many others illustrates the dangers of the big government establishment.

On the Democrat side of the aisle, we're watching as two of their toxic candidates are duking it out.  We already know of Hillary Clinton's countless scandals. And while Sanders doesn't appear to have that type of baggage, he does have a history of promoting socialist principles. Keep in mind. This is the guy who flew a Soviet flag in his office as mayor of Burlington, VT. This is the guy who honeymooned in the Soviet Union. And this is the guy who supported the Marxist Sandinista government.  Just as disturbing, Sanders has a long history of bashing Israel and supporting Palestinians (he often refers to "Palestine"---it doesn't exist).  As Andrea Peyser of the The New York Post once pointed out: Sanders is a Jew who's bad for the Jews.

So all of the minions who support Sanders should know this. If he were ever to become president of the U.S.---look at Venezuela today.  That would be America's future.