Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Listen Closely---You Can Hear The Political Establishment Weeping

At the risk disappointing the young voters,  Bernie Sanders has been dead since the Vermont primary...WH Press Secretary Parody

Trump didn't just win last night. It was a landslide. Not only did he win all five states---he  won every county in those states.  And, as regular readers know, my preferences for president dropped out some time ago (Walker + Perry).  I've also been inclined to lean toward Cruz as the only genuine conservative remaining in this race.  But one fact is now clear.  The "establishment" is weeping today.  Their status quo has been blown to smithereens.  Also, keep in mind, most national elections are not about ideology. It's almost always about the circumstances facing the nation at the time (e.g. the economy, foreign policy, terrorism, etc.).

And I have to give Trump some more props. His speech today on foreign policy is perhaps his most important to date. He finally targeted Hillary Clinton. My only criticism is he should have given this speech months ago.  Here are some excerpts by him that I believe make my point:

  • We're in a war with radical Islam (language we have not heard from Mr. Obama or Clinton);
  • We have done nothing to help Christians...
  • Our rivals no longer respect us.
  • We're rebuilding other nations while weakening our own,
  • America first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.
If I were 100% behind Trump, I would be very happy with this speech today.  I'm impressed because---along with his wins last night and now this speech---one can clearly hear the political class weeping. And that's a good thing.

Postscript. Since this was posted, it looks like it's Trump v. Hillary. Get the handkerchiefs ready.