Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary Crooked Donald? You're Too Kind

Hillary said she fights everyday for men/women to get equal pay and said one day she hopes the Clinton Foundation will listen...Tweet by Cronkite Says.

It's now common knowledge that Hillary Clinton's first impulse is to reach for a lie. She's done it so often; it's been drilled deep  into her DNA. That fact has been reported on countless occasions. It's for that reason and more that every poll taken in the last year shows most Americans don't believe her.  They also believe she's untrustworthy.  

Donald Trump has a track record of referring to his opponents with a variety of nicknames. He referred to Marco Rubio as "Little Marco."  He often calls Ted Cruz "Lyin' Ted."  Before Jeb Bush dropped out of the campaign,  Trump branded him as having "low energy." More often than not, these nicknames stuck. So it should surprise no one he decided to pin  Hillary with one.  He's now calling her "Crooked Hillary."

I contend he's too kind.  He should have branded her as "dishonest, corrupt and incompetent." Any one of those three fit better than "crooked" in my opinion.  Her failures as Secretary of State are now well known from the fiasco at Benghazi, to the foolish Russian "reset" to the conspicuous fail in Libya.  And then there's the scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation (reports that Bubba and the Foundation received big donations from those she favored as Secretary of State) and the current email scandal now under FBI scrutiny.

Just as disturbing, Hillary Clinton has been going from campaign to campaign spouting the need for equal-pay for men and women. Just one itsy-bitsy problem. Her own Foundation paid female executives 38% less than their male counterparts. (Townhall). 

But that's just one of many examples of her hypocrisy.  Recently, the Panama Papers exposed the off-shore accounts of the elite political class.  (Why this was news is beyond me. It's been known for years).  Nevertheless, Clinton came out quickly to bash those account holders as being "outrageous" tax havens for the well-healed.

She neglected to mention that several of her former staff and donors were among those listed in the Panama Papers.  The list included one of her former finance directors. Another included a long-time friend of Bill Clinton. Yet another included a group that pledged $1B in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative. (Daily Caller, Breitbart and The NY Post).

So Donald, you were much to kind. As I've written in the past, Hillary Clinton has more smoking guns that the shootout at the OK Corral.