Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Failure Is An Option----For Progressives

Hillary is hoping the Justice Dept continues to be more interested in gender-neutral restrooms than mishandled classified documents...Tweet by WH Press Secretary (parody)

My regular readers might recall a piece I posted about two years ago summarizing the intent of the NYC Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, to lobby for the release of Puerto Rican domestic terrorists (FALN). They were responsible for over 100 bombings that resulted in the death of six people and wounding about over 100. They also attacked NYPD headquarters in 1982.

So it didn't come as any surprise to me that Bernie Sanders urged Pres. Obama to offer clemency to Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Who is Oscar Rivera? He was the founder of the FALN. In fact, in 1999, then Pres. Bill Clinton offered clemency to many of the former FALN members.  Rivera turned down Clinton's offer of clemency. And it should surprise no one that NYC, under Marxist sympathizer Mayor DeBlasio, is currently facing charges of corruption. Just as disturbing,  almost 1800 weapons have been confiscated in the city's public schools in the last 10 months---an increase of 25%.  On a daily basis, we're seen progressive failures in many of the cities they mismanage. Oh! And one more issue you likely missed because many in the media failed to report on it extensively.   The Obama administration wants to do away with terms like "felons" and "criminals." Rather, they want those individuals to be designated as "justice-involved individuals."  And then there's the recent decrees from Obama to all public schools to allow all transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their "gender identity."  This directive was made with no input from the parents of public school children.

These are examples of domestic policies illustrating the toxicity of progressive ideology. We've witnessed Obama's foreign policy failures in Syria (erasing red lines only to be replaced by red lines soaked in blood) and Libya (Benghazi especially), In addition, Putin keeps flipping Obama the bird (Russian aircraft buzzing our naval vessels), Iran does the same making a joke of the Iran Deal (and we learned 2 weeks ago from one of Obama's foreign policy advisors that the Iran Deal was a deception upon the American public and the press). We learned the same about Obamacare from one of his advisors.  And even China gave Obama the finger last February by deploying new missile systems on one of its man-made islands in the South China Sea. In short, these foreign policy failures show that Mr. Obama is more concerned about his legacy than about the national security of our nation.

Yet, too many Americans fall for these scams. How else can one explain the same progressive politicians being re-elected over and over again? Even Hillary Clinton-whose legacy is more stained that Monica's blue dress-is still running for the nation's highest office.  Revisiting the late Christopher Hitchens, he reminded us that the progressive political class plays the same shell game on Americans and laughing as we all fall for it---again. (Source:  Michael Walsh).