Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bad News: Cheeta, A Brilliant Actor, is Dead; Iowa Caucuses: Much To Do About Nothing; Santorum, The Only Real Conservative; Sears/Kmart to Close 120 Stores; Hope and Change or...; Marine Shows What It Takes To Be A Marine; Multi-Vites Do Nothing For Your Health

"Gabby Giffords: Congresswoman whose January shooting sparked a national conversation about national conversations, and whether it was worth having them.The conclusion being that it wasn't.---Political 2011 Newsmakers from The Onion

  • Yes, he outlived his entire cast. Cheeta, Tarzan's sidekick in the early 1930's films with Johnny Weissmuller died this week. He was 80. He will be missed.
  • The Iowa Caucuses are getting a lot of attention considering Iowa, like Idaho, really does not exist. The caucuses are a creation of the media. Let's assume Ron Paul wins. It means absolutely nothing. I did a little research. The following were past winners for both parties: Walter Mondale, Al Gore, John F. Kerry (fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud), Mike Huckabee,  Bob Dole, Tom Harkin. You get the picture. Yes, a few Iowa winners went on to become president like both Bush 1 and 2 and Ronald Reagan. But all three also ran unopposed in several of those elections. Pres. Obama also took the caucus in 2008. In 1992, Clinton came in 4th.
  • Republicans never cease to amaze me. It appears they are looking for that perfect conservative candidate. Even if Ronald Reagan were to run today, I wonder if he would go over with the elite in the Republican Party. But they do have someone with solid conservative credentials; yet they appear to not give him any notice. His name is Rick Santorum.
  • As of today, Politico is reporting Romney is on the upswing in Iowa. Hey, but who cares, Iowa is an illusion.
  • "Recession is Over News" Sears/Kmart announced it will be closing 120 stores. Christmas sales for Sears were down 4.4% and 6% for Kmart. USA Today.

  • Political satirist, Frank Fleming, suggested Pres. Obama's Hope and Change poster should be changed to "Despair and More of the Same." He also pointed out a big change for the country would be a new president.

  • Here we go again. Reports are sufacing that the Obama Administration will be asking for another $1.2 trillion hike in the debt limit. That means another battle on the Hill. Check out the above chart. Gives you a clear picture of deficit spending by this administration. And they thought Bush was bad (he was on this).
  • Have you noticed something about Iran? Before any major U.S. election they always flex their perceived muscle. It will be interesting to watch how the administration reacts to their threats of closing the Straights of Hormuz. That's the mouth of the Persian Gulf and a lot of oil goes through there.
  • Marine Lt. Col. Karl Trenker was shot three times after he confronted two men who had stolen a gold chain from him. They shot him three times. So what did this Marine do? He plugged the bullet holes with his fingers to stem the flow of blood from his chest. After he was shot and treating himself, he ran back to his truck and told his kids not to worry. He would be fine. He's in stable condition. He survived several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and some thugs try to take him out in Florida. Lesson: allow this former AF Medic to give my readers some advice. If you're ever shot in the chest  or see someone with that type of injury (god forbid, but, hey, he got shot shopping). Cover the sucking chest wound with anything that will make the wound airtight (plastic bag, saran wrap, etc) and apply pressure but not that hard to open the airtight seal. Turn yourself or the victim on the side with the injury closest to the ground. It will help you breath easier until paramedics or EMT's arrive. It might save you life. That's my lesson for the day. Daily Mail {UK}
  • After tracking over 8000 patients, French researchers and Nancy University, found that taking multi-vitamins does nothing for your health. (I always suspected this. Just take an aspirin, drink moderatly and eat some dark chocolate). Daily Mail {UK}