Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did The Dashing Silver Screen Legend Really Die?; The Most Admired People In America; Romney Outpolls Obama; Now It's Rick Santorum Surging; Occupier Arrested Yet Again; 2011 Hypocrite of the Year; Will Pelosi Quit?

"Area Sorority Girl Worried About War and Stuff." Headline in The Onion

  • It was reported that Cheetah, the chimp from the 1930's Tarzan movies, had died at the age of 80. I reported it here yesterday. But now questions are being raised as to whether this dashing silver screen legend died years ago and the current one who died was simply an impostor. Will this become another "Is Elvis dead" never ending saga? And if Cheetah died years ago, who was this impostor? All of Hollywood wants to know.
  • Gallup came out with their 2011 Most Admired list this week. And it has to be driving the progressives and libs nuts. While Pres. Obama was number one (as are most presidents), George W. Bush came in second. In fact, he beat out Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton topped the list for women while Oprah came in second and Michelle Obama was third. Of the top six most admired people in 2011, Americans chose three who are African-Americans. Hey, I thought this was a racist nation? Just sayin'.
  • Last week, Gallup reported Pres. Obama received a bump with regard to the battle over the extension of the payroll tax. Well, that was last week. Gallup reports today that his bump has completely vanished. He's back down to a 41% approval rating.

  • In fact, in Rasmussen's 2012 Matchup Poll of likely voters, they have Romney ahead of Obama by 45% to Obama's 39%
  • Several days ago, I said watch out for Rick Santorum. He's a Wild Card. It appears he's now surging in Iowa.
  • By the way, how many surges does that make? First it was Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain, then Newt and now Santorum.
  • Speaking of Herman Cain, where are those women who accused him of sexual harassment anyway?
  • "Recession is Over News"---First time unemployment claims ROSE this past week after several weeks of falling. No one should get excited about whether unemployment is improving until we see at least a pattern of it falling for 6 months.
  • AP surveyed 36 of the nation's prominent economists. Only 5 gave Pres. Obama "good" marks. None rated him "excellent" on the economy. Did they really need 36 economists to tell them what most Americans already know?
  • Everyone has lists for 2011. I'm starting out with one right now--the biggest hypocrite of the year goes to:

  • That's right. They guy who wants everyone---especially the rich---to pay more in taxes owes the feds back taxes himself---going back to 2002. His firm, Bershire Hathaway, has not paid what it owes for years. NY Post.
  • A bunch of Occupy Wall Street misfits were arrested at the Iowa Democratic Headquarters earlier today. Now, these urine soaked hippie wannabees only get in the news when they get arrested.
  • If you follow newspapers as I do, you know the NY Times is having some major problems. Namely, they appear to be losing readership. So the NY Post, its competitor in the City, suggested five reasons to cancel a subscription to the Times: 1-It's Left Wing; 2-It Hates Israel, 3-It Calls Rapists and Killer Mr., 4-Movie Reviews Don't Have Stars and 5-The NY Post is cheaper.
  • Please God let this be true. The Huffington Post is reporting that Nancy Pelosi might throw in the towel next year. According to reports, it's Pelosi's daughter who spilled the beans. We can only pray we won't have to look at this mug in the near future: