Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photos; Ke$ha Brings It; Proving God; Occupiers Keep Hurting the 99%; How Do Republicans and Conservatives Reconcile Newt's Character Flaws?; Continued Bad News For Dems; How Dumb Is DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman?

President Obama celebrated Hannukah at the White House this week and then Vice President Joe Biden came in, sang Happy Birthday and blew out all the candles.---Leno

  • Sorry, I tried to get some of those Lohan Playboy photos, but they are not releasing them yet. As soon as I get my hands on them, I'll let you know.
  • More on the celebrity culture front. If you like Ke$ha, her current album is getting rave reviews---"Sleazy Remix 2.0 Get Sleazier." My friends reading this are now saying to themselves---Like I give a rat's ass. Well, there is a reason why I referenced this new song. See below:
  • Or would you prefer this hottie?

  • Hey, let's get off this celebrity culture nonsense and move onto something more fitting for family viewing. Do you need proof that God exists? If so, you might be interested in a piece on the History Channel this evening at 9 entitled, "Proving God."
  • The Occupiers are back and continue to hurt the very people they say they represent. Yesterday a group of Occupiers tried to block cargo trucks at some of the West Coast's busiest ports forcing some terminals to shut down operations. So to those geniuses? Who the hell do you think you're hurting by shutting down those ports? Let me help you: the 99% you dummies.---USA Today
Note The Stupid 99%:

Now, let's take a look at the real 1%:

  • And guess who pays most of the income taxes in New York City alone?  The 1%---surprise!!! The top 1% in NYC paid 43.2% of the city's income tax even though they account for only 33.8% of the total income in NYC.---NY Post.
  • Here's an interesting observation. Newt Gingrich cheated on wife Jackie with second wife Marianne and then cheated on her with current wife Callista. Does his lack of character phase conservatives anymore?
  • There continues to be bad news for Democrats. A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll shows Democrat support in key states has eroded by 4% since the last election. Just as interesting, Republican support has risen by 5% in those same key stated.  In 2008, 38% of voters identified themselves as Republicans and 49% as Democrats. Now, 43% identify themselves as Republicans and 45% as Democrats. Things appear to be moving in the wrong direction for Democrats.
  • Before I forget, The National Association of Realtors had to revise their home sales data recently.  And the data was lowered. Last year's total sales numbers were actually the worst in 13 years.
  • And Bloomberg News is reporting that retail sales rose in November at the slowest pace in 5 months. How can that be? The media was touting those great numbers for Black Friday.
  • How dumb is Democrat National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman? While being interviewed on Fox News she actually denied unemployment has gone up under Pres. Obama. If you want a glimpse of a first class knucklehead, it's Wasserman and you'll find her right here:

I bectcha she instills a lot of confidence in you.

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