Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NYPD Officerr Figoski: Follow-Up On His Alleged Killer & Dirtbag Accomplices; The NY Times Is A Filthy Rag; Time's Person of the Year Is...?; Americans Now Believe Our Own Government Is A Threat To Us; Are Conservatives Deluding Themselves?; Iraq Is A Victory for America; The "God Particle"---Will We Find It?; Fox News Still Kicking Ass

Santa blows all those shipping companies away. He delivers more than 2 billion packages in less than 24 hours. He does it by sleigh. He does not use tracking numbers and he doesn't use trucks. He just uses midgets and a giant bag.---Ferguson

  • This is a follow up to my piece yesterday on Dedicated to Heroes regarding the killing of NYPD Officer Peter Figoski by alleged dirtbag Lamont Pride. The NY Post reported today, in addition to Pride's capture by Figoski's partner, Officer Estrada, four other accomplices were captured. As you might suspect, they also have rap sheets that can would go from NYC to LA and back (
  • By the way, if you want any further evidence of bias in the press, you don't have to look further than the skunks at the NY Times yesterday. On the same day that New Yorkers and Americans were mourning the death of Figoski, the NY Times ran an editorial about Mumia Abu-Jamal, the cop killer. They were happy that this prick was not getting the death penalty. For those who need a reminder, he shot Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner between the eyes as the officer was on the ground. As Mumia entered the hospital from his wound thast he received from Faulkner's gun, he said---and it was witnessed---"I shot the M....F....ker and I hope the M...F...ker dies." The NY Times is a filthy rag.
  • And Time came out with their Person of the Year for 2011 and it's none other than the urine soaked protesters. No, it's not Seal Team Six who killed the most notorious terrorist on the planet. It's not even our brave and honorable troops. But what would you expect from a rag that picked Hitler in 1938 as their Person of the Year? Bunch of putzes.

  • Most polls are very clear now that America does not like what the Obama administration is trying to peddle. But there's a Gallup number that shows something else, something more disturbing. Gallup found that 64% of adults believe our government is the largest threat to our own country (does it surprise anyone that gun sales are up?). But what is more bad news for the Obama administration, now 48% of Democrats feel the same way, up from 32% when the president took office three years ago.
  • If any Republicans and Conservatives out there really believe that Newt and Romney are conservatives, they're deluding themselves. Just review their deeds and actions in the last 15 years and ye shall discover the truth. 

  • For two politicians who demeaned the previous administration regarding Iraq, it sure looks like Obama and Biden love taking credit for the drawdown (without even uttering the word, "victory.").  I know the Iraq War will be debated for years to come, but let's look at some facts and myths. As Amir Taheri pointed out so well, we never went in there for oil. Most oil contracts have been signed with other countries not the U.S. We never had any intention of occupying Iraq. In case some people need a reminder---the current drawdown was negotiated by the Bush administration not the Obama administration. We took down a vicious regime and liberated over 25 million people. Iraq now has free elections. We're leaving in an orderly fashion not being chased by Iraqi mobs as had been predicted by the then senators Obama and Biden. The International Monetary Fund reported Iraq's economy has one of the fastest growth rates in the Middle East and their currency is relatively strong. In addition, major hotel chains like Best Western, Hilton and Double Tree announced this week they will opening hotels in Iraq, mostly in the north (just reported in USA Today, today). Is this new democracy perfect, not by a long shot. But it appears the storm clouds are breaking. We can only hope so considering we shed a lot of American blood for these people as we've done for many others throughout the history of this greatest nation on God's green earth, to borrow a phrase from someone else.
  • The other question being asked: Without the U.S., can Iraq's struggle for Democracy survive? I don't think anyone knows the answer to that question just yet.
  • Reports are surfacing that we're really close to finding the "God Particle" or the particle that will finally explain the mystery of gravity. Physicist Frank Close said, "Finding the (particle) gives us the detailed rule of Nature...And those details tell us how Nature does its work..." (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Ratings just came out. How strong is Fox News? Just look at these numbers. O'Reilly had 3, 271,000 viewers and Hannity had 2, 168,000 compared to their strongest competition on MSNBC, Shultz at 877,000. And where's Chris Mathews? ---at a pathetic 797,000. Piers Morgan is way, way back at 604,000 (more people use the toilet at JFK airport in one hour each day than watch Piers, Shultz and Mathews combined).
  • There is some good news. The Daily Caller is reporting today that Michele Bachmann's favorite gun is an AR-15. Perry is fond of his .380 Ruger. In fact, he shot a coyote that threatned his dog with that gun. For security reasons, I can't disclose my favorite weapon. But I will only say this: it's friggin awesome.