Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama Just Can't Say We Won In Iraq; American Service Men and Women: We Announce The Real Person of the Year; Islamist Rising in Egypt; Guess Who Is Leading in Iowa; Is The Economy Improving?; At Least Firearms Are A Hot Item; Victoria's Secrets Secrets About Their Panties

Iran is now in possession of an American drone. When I heard that I said, "Oh, my God, they've captured Joe Biden---Leno

  • Above is a photo of the type of brave men and women the Obama administration just cannot bring themselves to say that they won the war in Iraq. I don't give a rat's ass what the president said yesterday. Because he didn't say we are grateful for their VICTORY in Iraq.
  • In and around Ft. Bragg USA Today reported on how people are feeling about the end of this war."To be honest, I haven't heard one person talk about it," said Orace Blount, a barber who runs a shop that's popular with soldiers.  In Fayettevill, the paper reported, "a visit by the president and first lady Michelle Obama is hardly making news." The only group trumpeting our leaving Iraq are the fake, phony and frauds in the media and Dems, the very same pieces of garbage who never supported our troops in the first place.
  • As many know by now, Time's Person of the Year is the protester. Another shame. These dirtbags can't even bring themselves to admit the Person of the Year is the American Servce Man and Woman. But, you know what, most of the rest of the country does. So Dedicated to Heroes and The Political War Zone announce our Person of the Year: The American Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Airman. F U Time.
  • And this administration has done so "sell" in their foreign policy that Islamists, the real kooks, are taking over in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood (known as The Freedom and Justice Part)--those who inspired al-Qaeda and Osama---and the Nour party won close to 70% of the seats in the first round of elections.(USA Today)
  • Rasmussen is reporting that Romney, not Gingrich or Paul, is leading in its early Iowa polling.
  • Question for Republicans and Conservatives: Why in God's name would you gamble on Newt? How many times do you have to learn: he cannot be trusted.
  • Although the economy's recovery is very, very slow; there are signs it might be improving somewhat. First time unemployment numbers fell below 400,000 again this week. Still high at about 370,000 but perhaps we're seeing a trend. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, there's been a slight uptick in small businesses hiring. On the other hand, The Business Roundtable reported this week that only 1./3 of CEO's plan on hiring any new employees in the next six months. Bottom line: still a mixed bag.
  • I can tell you this from anecdotal experience. A very well known mall in my part of the country has 28 vacant storefronts as of last week.
  • And don't forget, we still have the European meltdown hovering over the global economy's head.
  • CBS is reporting a bit of good news for the retail industry. Firearms sales are off the hook. It's going to be a record setting season for people buying firearms.

  • Do you like panties from Victoria's Secrets? I certainly do. Bloomberg News is reporting they produced some of their panties by using child labor in one African country. Executives from the company are outraged by the charges. They proclaim their standards prohibit the use of child labor. I sincerely hope this is not true. I don't know how I can go on living without staring at one of those 15 foot posters of Victoria's models in their retail store windows.