Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today's Launch Of Political War Zone; Is Herman Cain's Train Approaching His Last Stop?; News To Scare The Crap Out Of You; Occupy Wall Street Damaged The Environment Everywhere They Planted Their Lazy Asses; Short Lesson On The European Meltdown

Today I'm launching a new web blog entitled, The Political War Zone. It will replace News, Views and Tattoos (, a blog I've been operating since last April.

As this presidential campaign starts heating up, my intent is to turn up the heat on the political and cultural elite. As I did on News, Views and Tattoos, I'll still be covering much of the same ground including the knuckleheads in entertainment and in the overall culture. But, this time around, I'm planning on releasing some more intense flame throwers.  As I did in NVand Tattoos, I'll continue to offer up thought-provoking commentary (at least in my own mind), breaking news and even some humor.

My goal with The Political War Zone is simple really: To post, report on and analyze current news. And while I lean "right of center," no one will be immune from my commentary especially those I perceive and view as fake, phonies and frauds.

Welcome to The Political War Zone! I only ask two favors of you:  Read the damn blog regularly, and share it via all social media. Also, don't forget the great links I have below the posts. I made it a point to include a diversity and wide variety of news and opinion outlets ranging from the Left thru the Middle right to the Right. The links are a great resource for those of you who like reading news or are political junkies.

What the hell---let's start today.

Vice-President Biden will travel to Turkey to speak at the economic summit. When he heard he was giving a speech to Turkey, Biden (clearing his throat) said, "I'm SO sorry about Thanksgiving."---Fallon

  • Some breaking "Recession is Over News:" New unemployment claims jumped over 400,000 last week. I seem to recall many economists and the administration saying things were looking up after we dipped under 400,000 the last several weeks.

  • Yesterday I referenced Cain's campaign manager when he said Herman is not dropping out,. It's code for: he is. That was in response to Herman Cain's campaign manager's replies to rumors of Herman pulling out. There was another hint yesterday that projects the same outcome in my opinion. Anyone who says they are "reassessing" their campaign, it really means, "I'm in deep sh!t, and I need to find a way outta this." Looks like Herman will have to go back and spin more pizzas.
  • News To Scare The Living Crap Out Of You: On a campaign swing in New York, Pres. Obama actually said, "I'm going to need another term to finish the job." Looks like less hope and less change is on the way.
  • One of the biggest criticisms I've had about the Occupy Wall Street crowd was the damage they were doing to the environment. Many of these Occupiers claim to be environmentalists.  (I've seen this with my own eyes in Philadelphia). The LA Times is reporting they left over 30 tons of debris behind.  The city estimates damages exceed $1 million. And this damage was caused by small crowds. The media tried to make it look like there were hundreds and hundreds of Occupiers out there when the actually numbers were in the double digits in most encampments. As the headline in USA Today said above the Letters to the Editor, "Occupiers Push Equal Outcomes Without Equal Effort."

  • While I'm on Occupy, there was a cartoon in several papers today that shows Pres. Obama in his limo driving by a group of OWS misfits. He's sticking his head out the back window and yells to the OWS crowd, "Sorry, but I'm only in N.Y.C. to meet the 1%." This cartoon illustrates well the hypocrisy of both the politicians and of OWS. The Occupiers have always been selective about who in the 1% they don't like. And, many politicians who sympathized with them (mostly Democrats), still only hang out with the bankers and Wall Street crowd (wouldn't you? That's where the friggin money is after all).
  • Speaking of Wall Street and bankers,  yesterday the entire global banking community, including our own Federal Reserve, acted to help Europe's central banks. The market rejoiced because an implosion was averted---for now. In short, it will be cheaper for troubled banks to borrow U.S. dollars which are already cheap. But a cheaper dollar also raises the prices of imported goods---I can see the Chinese smiling now. Whether this infusion helps remains to be seen. Personally, I don't trust Europe. They're spoiled brats (this week, British workers were marching against proposed cuts in their pension while the country is facing a $1.5 trillion debt. And what exactly are they protesting? Plans to raise retirement age for public servants to 65 from the current 60. In addition, increasing their contributions to the pension program. One spoiled Brit said, "I have to work two years longer whilst payng more a month and getting less at the end." Welcome to the real world knucklehead. Tax payers can't afford to carry you anymore). As one economist said yesterday, "The fundamental problem within the eurozone remains the same...they don't have adequate money in the form of a reserve to be able to ensure the debt of Italy against a run." (USA Today). The only positive sign right now is the European Central Bank's plans to purchase eurozone's bonds.
Thank you for reading the very first edition of The Political War Zone. Come back, ya hear!