Sunday, January 29, 2012

Al Sharpton Adds New Meaning To "Village Idiot;" Gingrich Fading in Florida; Newt's Conspicuous Hypocrisy; Occupiers Burn American Flag; Buffett's Bunk; St.Louis Honors Iraq Vets

"...Al Sharpton hosted Saturday Night Live for an hour-and-a-half. The longest job he's ever had." Kilborn

  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, in America knows that Al Sharpton is a clown and the village idiot. But he added to meaning to the words when he actually said Obama's singing last week at the Apollo Theatre helped the economy. This nitwit's reasoning?  Obama sang an Al Green song and its sales have soared almost 500% since (which means Al Green sold about 10 morecopies). And for the few that might not know much about this prick, I challenge you to Google his name to the following: "Tawana Brawley," "Crown Heights," and "Freddy's Fashion Mart." You'll learn something about this fake, phony and fraud.
  • As I write this on Sunday evening, Romney is leading Gingrich in the Real Clear Politics average of all polls in Florida. Romney is at 41%. Newt is trailing at 29.7%. Santorum is at 13.5% and Paul is a distant third at 9.8%.
  • Keep this in mind no matter what you hear. The general election will hinge on only about 10% of voters. Obama will still get about 45% support. The Republican candidate will also fall into the 45%. That leaves the independents and swing voters who will determine who the president will be.
  • Don't you find it the height of hypocrisy for Gingrich to bash the "elites" and the "establishment" when he's been part of both his entire career?
  • We've been hearing that this Republican campaign is the most fiery, dirty and turbulent in our lifetimes. Don't believe it. It's definitely a rough and harsh campaign, but have people already forgotten how tumultuous the 2008 campaign was between Obama and Hillary Clinton? Remember the "3 a.m. phone call ad" by Hillary? Remember Obama bashed Hillary on NAFTA? Or Bill Clinton complaining the Obama campaign pulled the race card against him? And how can anyone forget the 1972 primaries and presidential election? The players included Nixon, George McGovern, George Wallace and many others. In fact, George McGovern's choice for VP was Thomas Eagleton until it was leaked that he suffered from depression and had undergone electroshock therapy. Although McGovern said he still supported Eagleton; he asked him to withdraw 3 days later. So when the media keeps throwing this nonsense out, don't believe a word of it. The history of almost all primaries and presidential campaigning have been down and dirty.

  • We've seen this played out so many times before, it's getting old. Police in Oakland arrested over 300 Occupiers. They broke into city hall and vandalized the building including burning the American flag. Every time these goons make news, they prove my claim they are all misfits, felons and thugs. Oakland's mayor estimates the Oakland Occupiers have cost the city over $5 million. And that $5 million is the 99% they are harming not the 1%.
  • "...Warren Buffett's assertion that his federal tax rate is 18.6% higher than that of his office workers is clearly flawed and demonstrably false....Obama, Buffett and the Democrats are either ignorant of basic federal taxation concepts or they are deliberately propagating what they know are lies to fan the fires of resentment and class warfare in order to gain political support from the left."...American Thinker on "Buffett's Bunk" by George Harbison.  If you want to read about the smoke and mirrors being put out by the Obama administration and Buffett, you'll find this piece a must read.

  • "Being a Republican in Hollywood is easy for a guy like me because I was such a revolutionary. As soon as somebody tells me how to think, I'm going the other way."...Kelsey Grammer
  • Trivia Break: It took Americans less than 2 years to build the Empire State Building. We're still rebuilding at Ground Zero in NY City. We fought WWII in less time than it's taken to rebuild Ground Zero. In fact, we won in Iraq in less time than it's taken to rebuild Ground Zero.
  • Trivia Break Two: How big is the national debt? Look at the $16 trillion this way. Almost $190,000 is the amount each American owes for our national debt including unfunded entitlements (Social Security and Medicare). And even if the president's proposal to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires would be approved, it would amount to cutting our deficit by a whopping 3%.  Cato Institute.
  • God bless the good people of St. Louis. The city actually hosted a parade fro returning Iraq Vets. Over 600 veterans took part in the parade while crowd was estimated at 100,000. Hoooah!!!
  • The real persons of the year.