Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Newt Acting As Romney's Sparring Partner? Let's See Buffett's Secretary's Financials; Obama Threatens Nation's Universities; Wasserman's Dumbass Quote; Remembering When Global Cooling Was The Rage?

There was another Republican debate in Florida. What is left to know about these candidates? Is someone going to confess to a murder?...Kimmel

  • Allow me to throw out a theory regarding the head-to-head battle with Romney and Gingrich. What if Newt is simply taking on the role of sparring partner for Romney? It appears the Republican elite  and insiders are behind Romney if reports are to be believed.  "The Republican establishment might not be wild about Mitt Romney, but they're terrified by Newt Gingrich, " said Dan Schnur, a former Republican campaign strategist." (AP). Just yesterday, Bob Dole wrote of Newt's tenure as Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1998, Gingrich "had a new idea every minute and most of them were off the wall." (National Review).  And it's interesting that Newt tries to portray himself as an "outsider" even though he's been a beltway insider his entire political career. John Deehery, another former GOP staffer, said, "He's in one sense attacking the establishment he said he helped lead." (AP). Many other former and current Republicans have been implying Newt would be hammered by Obama in the general election (LA Times). So circling back to my question about Gingrich acting as the establishment's sparring partner to Romney, does the theory make sense to anyone but me?
  • If my theory is true, it might be borne out in the current polling in Florida. Major polls released this week showed Romney edging out Gingrich in the state (Quinnipiac, Reuters). In addition, those polls also show Romney has a 2-1 lead over Gingrich with the Tea Party.  He's also looked upon more favorably with the Cuban voting block. (LA Times).
  • Has anyone asked why Newt's wife has not come out publicly in defense of her husband?
  • If the Democrats and Buffett keep exploiting and trotting out his secretary for political gain (as they are doing in my opinion), why haven't we heard anything about exactly what her salary is? Why haven't we seen if she owns stock in her portfolio considering who she works for? Where are the investigative reporters on this issue?

  • This week Pres. Obama took his class warfare strategy to the University of Michigan. He said, "We are putting colleges on notice" to hold down tuition costs. As anyone whose been reading my work knows, I've been criticizing higher education for scamming students with high tuition costs for years. I sincerely believe it's one of the biggest scams in America today. So, at first glance,  I would support the president's threat to them. But I'm uncomfortable for two reasons. I don't like the government overreach into private education.  In addition, the government aid in the form of grants actually encourages colleges and universities to raise tuitions. Once again, this might be an example of the Obama's administration's smoke and mirrors approach to solving problems considering in the same appearance he also implied the rich should help students pay for their tuitions.

  • Dumbass Quote of the Week goes to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she said of voter fraud, "There is almost none." (NY Post) This was said right after investigators found voter fraud in the New Hampshire primary. Ten ballots were handed out to investigators who never had to show any photo ID. Voter fraud might not be rampant, but it is a problem.

  • Blast From The Past: Global Warming has been the biggest fraudulent rage in the last decade. So I thought I'd show you what the rage was in the 1970's. Look up.

  • And if you want to know anything about how Washington works, remember the guy above is still in Congress.