Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Democrat Strategy Is Taking Shape; Occupy Wall Streeters Spending Like The Obama Administration; New OMB Director Has Bain Roots; And Who Really Is The Most Charitable?; If We're Not Safe Here, Where Are We Safe?

Headline in the "People" section of The Onion this week: "Study Finds Hearing Loved One's Voice Induces Excruciating Pain In Coma Patients."

  • It appears the democrat strategy for the 2012 campaign is starting to take shape, and all with the help of Republicans. Don't be surprised when the class warfare card will be raised throughout the campaign. We will hear a lot about "inequality." And do not be surprised if the Obama administration and the DNC use the misfits from the Occupy movement---like the one pictured above--- to try to get this message across. They did last year when the movement began; they will use Occupy as surrogates as soon as spring sets in. Quite frankly, I hope they do.
  • Speaking of the Occupy knuckleheads, they had a demonstration on the West Lawn of the Capitol yesterday. AP reported they got a permit anticipating a crowd of about 10,000. According to most reports, a few hundred showed up. More people use the escalator at Penn Station in less than 1 minute that showed up for this demonstration.
  • And if Occupy Wall Street is as good with their money as they are with demonstrating, they are in a world of sh!t. The Wall Street Journal reported OWS raised about $700k and they only have about $170k left. A rep from OWS said, "If we keep spending at the rate at which we have been doing, we will probably go broke in a month." It looks like they are taking orders from the Obama administration.
  • Throughout the last two weeks, Romney's been hammered from the Right and the Left  because of his former association with Bain and Company, a venture capitalist firm (or as Newt said, "Vulture" capitalist firm). But guess what happened this week? Pres. Obama himself appointed Jeff Zients as the acting director of OMB (The Office of Management and Budget). What's the big deal about Zients?  He, like Romney, also worked for Bain. If I've said this once, I'll say it again: all of these politicians are pulling the wool over our eyes. They play chess; we play checkers. They are so far ahead of the pundits and the regular guy on the street with  what they plan on doing We have no idea.
  • And while we're on Romney, he's being pressured to release his tax returns (he's under no obligation to do so). Even he admitted, he paid only a 15% tax rate (that's because his income is largely from investments. It's all legal. All above board). But I also want him to release his tax forms. Because like ABC News found out, Romney has given millions to the Mormon Church (I believe Mormons are required to tithe at least 10% to the Church). Romney, according to the news report, gave the Church about $4 million in the last 5 years. By the way, Al Gore, in 1997, gave a whopping $353 to charity (CNN). His income that year was about $200k. And during the 2008 campaign, USA Today reported that Slo Joe Biden gave a whopping $369 to charity on average during the previous 10 years. And how can we forget when the Clinton's tax return showed he donated his underwear to charity. I believe he received a $2 credit for his skivvies.
  • If you read the NY Post regularly like I do, you know the rag publishes some of the best and funniest headlines of any newspaper. Regarding the captain of the cruise ship that listed, the headline in the Post today: "Chicken Of The Sea." According to reports and actual transcripts of radio conversations between this captain and the Italian Coast Guard, it appears the captain ignored repeated orders to return to the ship he "allegedly" abandoned, breaking one of the cardinal laws of the seas for any captain of a vessel in distress.

  • And while I'm on NY Post headlines, how can I neglect to--once again---publish my favorite shot of one of the most corrupt politicians in D.C. who is still in office. Look up.

  • Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly Love, has approximately 20 murders recorded already this year. I've lived in this area, on and off, for over half my lifetime. I've never feared for my own safety. But something is changing. This past weekend a young man was murdered by a group of thugs just one block east of Independence Hall (if you look at the photo above, the murder took place approximately 1/2 block to the left of Independence Hall, at the foot of The Second Bank of the U.S.). And consider this, that area is suppose to be one of the most secure in the city. In that surrounding area alone, there are the Park Rangers, Philadelphia Police, FBI, Federal Police, Homeland Security and who knows how many other federal law enforcement agencies (the Federal Courthouse is two blocks away. The U.S. Mint is about 4 blocks away. And many, many other law enforcement agencies surround that area). During the day, there are more guns in that area---carried by law enforcement---than in all of Baghdad. So this murder sends a really, really bad message to the public. In other words, if it's not safe one block from the Liberty Bell, where is it safe in America anymore?