Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reagan Is Watching; Numbers Not Good For Obama; The Yo-Yo's in the Press; If You Like What You See, Then Vote for Obama; How Obama Can Win; The Media Exploiting Our Troops Again; New Cruise Ship Motto: Women & Chldren Last!; What Would You Do For McNuggets?

You've probably heard by now that  cash-strapped Detroit is ending 24-hour police station access. Yes, Detroit police stations will be closed to the public for 16 hours each day. How did The Onion report on this news? They gave the city some suggestions on how they can save even more money. They recommended changing 911 secretly to 912 to lighten the call load for dispatchers. They also recommended the city leave its trash outside Cleveland for pickup. And they suggested that the 11 remaining functioning streetlights on the east side be replaced with fluorescent bulbs.

  • I have a tip for the Republican candidates. I've heard from very reliable sources that Ronald Reagan is watching this campaign closely from the  big Oval Office in the sky. Right now, those same sources have told me he's not that impressed. He wants me to remind you what he said of Jimmy Carter when he was running against him. "Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his. I'd have to say The Gipper's message is very clear.
  • We've been hearing many reports about the poll numbers for the Republican candidates, but reporting on Pres. Obama's numbers have not been widely reported (the Left leaning media uses these tactics to redirect the bad news about their candidate to something else). There's a reason for that: right now, at this point in the campaign, his numbers are not good. According to Gallup, Obama is tracking at 44%. Most presidents do not get re-elected with lower numbers than 50%. But the year is young. Bill Clinton's numbers were lower than Obama's at this time of the year. And Bubba still beat the odds.
  • Little piece of political trivia. Did you know Mitt Romney's father, George, stormed out of the 1964 Republican Convention in protest of their foot-dragging on civil rights? But did you know that Al Gore's father, a democrat, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Oh, my, such an inconvenient truth, isn't it?
  • If critics of Pres. Obama want any idea how the media feels about them, they just have to look at the cover of Newsweek this week. Obama is on it (yet again---how many covers is that now?) with the caption, "Why Are Obama Critics So Dumb.?" These yo-yo's in the press actually believe a majority of Americans like high employment? Then they should vote for Obama. Do they believe the incompetence of the Justice Department under Eric Holder should continue? Then vote for Obama. Do they believe Americans will forget about all the apologies including the most recent to the Taliban (re: the Marine incident)? Then vote for Obama. Do they believe they will forget ObamaCare and its disastrous impact on health care costs? Then they should vote for Obama. (including giving waivers from ObamaCare to his biggest fundraisers,---public unions?). Do they believe Americans will forget he and Eric Holder sided with Mexico over Arizona's illegal immigration laws? Then they should vote for Obama.  Do they believe big and small business trust this administration? Then vote for Obama. Do they think Americans like the fact that almost 50 million in America on food stamps is good? Then vote for Obama. Do African-Americans think that the official unemployment rate of 16% among that demographic is good (with it approaching almost 50% among black young people) is good. Then vote for Obama, Do they think Americans will forget that fuel was under $2.00 a gallon when he took office and is now approaching $4.00 a gallon? Then vote for Obama.  Do they believe Americans think this president united the country or divided the country with all of the focus on class warfare and race? Then vote for Obama.  Do they believe most Americans think the "Change" he wrought in the last 3 years is good for America? Then they should vote for Obama.

  • Those are all the reasons why I believe Pres. Obama might not be re-elected. But it still depends on who the Republican candidate will be to oppose him. And the other reasons he can win re-election include the following: Most African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities will still vote for him. Liberals will vote for him overwhelmingly. He'll still get the union support. Most of the media, like last time, will be supporting him. If he gets more than half of the independents, it might put him over the top. And there is one more key reason why he might win re-election. Check out what George Carlin said above about stupid people.
  • Do you know why the media and the Left (including those in the administration) keep trashing the Marines who "allegedly" peed on the dead Taliban? It's a strategy left over from Vietnam. When they started portraying our troops as "baby killers," they new they could speed up the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam. As Arthur Herman of the Enterprise Institute wrote recently, "If an American warrior oversteps civilized bounds, his behavior become proof that our mission is a moral failure and no longer deserving of support." Exactly why Vietnam Vets were treated like garbage by most of the Left. All these critics are doing is, once again, exploiting our troops for their own political agenda.
  • Speaking of the media, guess who is one of the most frequent guests at the White House? None other than MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Yes, White House visitor's log show her visiting the president quite often. She also attended a holiday reception, Slo Joe Biden's Beach Boardwalk Bash and other events. And she happens to be a what?----Journalist. Nice to know her ethics can be bought cheaply by just attending one of Slo Joe's Beach Boardwalk Bashes. (Daily Caller)

  • After reading what happened on that cruise ship, I didn't know the new chivalry is: "Women and Children Last."
  • And the news we always knew was coming since this administration's foreign policy is just so good---Islamists will be ruling Egypt. How's that for the Arab Spring the entire world was proclaiming just under a year ago? Nothing like replacing one thug with dozens of thugs now isn't it?
  • Police in LA are reporting that a woman offered sexual favors in exchange for some chicken McNuggets. Is this what's becoming of the oldest profession? Have even their standards hit bottom? Mon Dieu! (The Burbank Leader)