Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eric Holder: How Is He Getting Away With It?; Romney's Income; Romney, I Need To Correct You; The State of the Union: What Would Americans Really Like To Hear?; Occupiers Peed in Church; Update on The Myth of the Arab Spring; And Why We're Happy Heidi Klum is Single Again

"Romney Cements Status As Candidate Who Can Somehow Lose To Newt Gingrich."---The Onion.

  • How is the guy above, Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, getting away with it? This is a man who recommended President Clinton offer clemency to 16 members of The Boricua Popular Army, designated by the FBI as a Puerto Rican terrorist organization. This group of thugs and killers have been responsible for murdering police officers and American military personnel (Clinton granted the clemency). This is the same man who ended the civil suit of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party (during the 2008 election, members of this group of thugs and creeps stood outside a polling station with billy clubs and yelled racial slurs at white voters. It was all caught on videotape). This is the  same man who filed a lawsuit against the great State of Arizona's new immigration laws (He famously said he had not read the law but would likely sue the state anyway). And this is the man who should be held directly responsible for the Fast and Furious scandal and fiasco. So I ask the question again? How is this man getting away with it?
  • Romney disclosed a partial summary of his income last night. His income for 2009 and 2010 totaled over $40 million, all from investments. He and his wife gave $7 million to charity, over half of that to his church. His effective tax rate was just over 13%. You can read the rest in The Washington Post.
  • In last night's boring debate, Romney said Gingrich had resigned as Speaker of the House in disgrace. I have to take this moment to correct Mitt. Newt did not resign. He was forced out of office by members of his OWN party.
  • As of yesterday, even Romney's national lead over Newt was dropping according to Gallup. Ditto for the issue of electability. 43% said Gingrich would be a stronger candidate while 39% said Romney would be.

  • It appears the strategy of using class warfare will begin with the president's State of the Union speech tonight. He almost has to take that course considering his record is not that good. Yes, he can (probably will) point to the economy picking up some steam. He might mention the overhaul of health care, pulling troops out of Iraq (it was the deadline set by George Bush) and the whacking of bin Laden. But beyond those; there not much there there. We're facing yet another deficit of a trillion dollars. Twenty three million Americans are either unemployed, underemployed or have just given up looking for work. A record number of people in America are on food stamps. Median household income has fallen. Speaking of Obamacare, even the CBO reported the plan will grow the national debt by more than $700 billion over ten years (that means it will be at least 3 to perhaps 10 times that. They always underestimate). And health care will cost the average American more according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. So he has very little wiggle room left.
  • What would I and I'm sure many Americans like to hear him say? How about producing more energy by allowing more drilling? How about regulatory reform (under his administration the average number of regulations costing more than $100 million rose from 140 per year to over 240). How about really being serious about controlling government spending? (In 2001, federal outlays represented 18.2% share of the economy (GDP). In 2011, that rose to 25%, a number not seen since WWII). National Taxpayer's Union

  • In case you missed the news about the Occupy misfits, thugs and felons, last week The West Park Presbyterian Church in Manhattan reported members of OCW vandalized a baptismal font. And if that was not bad enough, another church in Brooklyn reported some Occupiers urinated on a cross. And more bad news for the New York Occupy bullies and environment trashers, the occupation of Zuccotti Park is finally over. They withdrew their suit against the city and the park's owner. Examiner and NY Post
  • Truth Break: I guess the Occupiers finally learned that the Obama administration is full of 1 percenters from the president himself to almost all of his staff many of whom have a background in Wall Street finance. What's that old saying? The truth will set you free, but you'll feel miserable first.
  • An update on The Myth of the Arab SpringUSA Today reports that many Egyptians are saying nothing good has happened since the revolution.  Human rights violations have gone up, not down. Azouz Ahmed said he does not remember a time when things were as bad they are now. But one man did say he was happy he got to vote for the first time in his life. Considering the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic thugs won the elections, I wonder if he'll be this happy next year.
  • Guess who stands to benefit from Pres. Obama's putting the cabash on the pipeline? ---none other than Warren Buffett, his close friend and confidant. Buffett's railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, can handle all the new oil produced in Western Canada. Bloomberg News

  • One of countless reasons millions of men (and probably many women) are happy Heidi is single again. Look up.