Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Navy Seals Rescue American Hostage; State of the Union: More Smoke and Mirrors; Gadahfi Fighters Are Back; Voter ID's Working In Mexico; Pelosi Threatens Newt; Inject Woop Ass into Romney; Obama & Biden Are Cheap; Google Tracking You Now

From The Onion's "American Voices" in response to The State of the Union last night: "I'm surprised he didn't take some time to mention the great strides made by Domino's in improving their cheesy bread."----Connor Braunohler, Systems Analyst

  • I was planning on starting my piece today with yesterday's State of the Union, but first things first. NBC News and other outlets are reporting that Navy Seals rescued American and Danish hostages in Somalia in an overnight raid in Somalia. Early reports indicate SEALS approached the compound where the hostages were being held. Gunfire broke out and several of the terrorists were killed. There was no mention of any American casualties. The SEALS loaded up the hostages onto awaiting helicopters and flew them to safety at an undisclosed location. Nothing more I can add to this story. The actions of our SEAL Teams speak for themselves.
  • Regarding the State of the Union last night, I want to get one item out of the way first. What the f^%k is it with this president and Buffett and that secretary? They keep trotting her out like she's on food stamps or something. Truth Break: She's the secretary to one of the planet's richest men. Yo!---she's doing fine. I'm sure she makes a decent buck (if not, then Buffett is more of a hypocrite than he already is). Give us a break with the secretary already.

  • Back to the State of the Union. First of all, I didn't sense that much enthusiasm as last year's presentation.
  • Last week, I predicted the strategy of this president and the Democrats will be class warfare. Pres. Obama proved my prediction was spot on target. Did anyone bother to count how many times he used the word "fair?" I didn't, but it came up a lot. For example, he said, "We can restore an economy where everyone gets a FAIR shot, everyone does their FAIR share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules." (Pardon the interruption: Of course, he does not include himself or most of his staff  or the democrats in this statement. Because if he did, why on earth would he have hired a man as the Treasury Secretary who didn't pay his taxes?).
  • The president also made it sound like the economy is thriving. I doubt too many Americans fell for that line of bullshit.
  • He proposed an all-out energy strategy, yet, just a few days earlier, he puts the kibosh to the Keystone pipline. He also called for new investments (code for more spending) on energy start ups. But conveniently didn't remind us of the Solyndra fiasco.
  • Of course, there was little, if nothing, mentioned about the growing debt and deficit.
  • So what were we left with? A lot of smoke and mirrors coming from a president who officially started his campaign for re-election last night and a president who said very little about his record. And can you blame him? What record would he run on?
  • Since Obama became president, the price of fuel jumped 83% and food prices have shot up. For example, ground beef is up 24%, bread up 5% and eggs and milk prices have risen.
  • A political cartoon in the NY Post shows a man sitting on his lounger watching TV. His wife asked him what he's watching. He replies, "I'm watching the State of the Union." What image is on the TV? The capsized cruise ship.
  • They're back: Reports coming out of Libya report that Gadhafi loyalists seized control of one of Libya's cities.

  • As you know, there's a big debate going on in our country about voter ID. The right says we need voter ID to safeguard the integrity of elections. The left says it targets the poor and is discriminatory. In Mexico, they've found it works well. In fact, the poor love it because it not only proves citizenship but gives the poor an "identity." It opens many doors for the poor that were previously shut to them.  The voter ID card is also used to open bank accounts, used as ID in shopping and used to board aircraft. It appears almost every criticism of voter ID made by the left here in America holds no water in Mexico.(USA Today)

  • Gotta love the political season. Nancy Pelosi is threatening to bring up some garbage about Newt. Newt, being Newt, told her to put up or shut up. I want to see this roll out. Let's see some fireworks.
  • There's no doubt that Romney looks presidential. But someone has to inject some "woop ass" into this guy.
  • So Romney released his taxes. Yes, he's in the 1% as is Obama and the rest of congress. But what I found interesting were the charitable donations. Tells you a lot about a person---especially a rich person.  Romney gave 15% of his income to charity. Obama gave a whopping 1% and Slo Joe Biden---not to be outdone by Obama---gave a whopping $369 bucks. (Mailonline).
  • It started yesterday. Every time you use Google; it tracks your searches. So when you do a lot of on-line shopping, be prepared for more ads coming from your preferred retailers.