Thursday, January 26, 2012

Obama: The Schizophrenic President; What Our SEALs Teach Terrorists; Newt Dissed Reagan---A Lot; State of the Union or State of Denial?; Buffett's Secretary Nonsense; Feds Hiding Inflation

You know why Pres. Obama chose Disney World? It was the only place with longer lines than the unemployment office, so it looks better....Leno

  • Pres. Obama is schizophrenic. I don't mean that in the psychiatric sense (although many probably would). I mean that in this sense: He's a walking contradiction. For example, as most of my readers know, I hammer his policies often. But they also know, I've given him credit in going after terrorists whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Somalia. As Commander in Chief, I sincerely believe he does a good job in that one respect. He unleashes our best and finest special operators to kill the bad guys. He also slingshots our drones into the air to take out the bad guys. You gotta give him credit where credit is due. In going after scumbags, he'll pull the trigger.
  • A simple lesson from our military for the terrorists: Sooner or later, we will get you. Your leaders have learned that and now your little twirpy scumbags are learning that lesson too.

  • It's also no surprise that I'm not a big fan of Gingrich. In fact, I've been on record saying I don't like the guy, and I don't trust the guy. My convictions about him have been further reinforced with reports coming out just this week that he repeatedly dissed Ronald Reagan. He didn't criticize him, he insulted him. He's been on the campaign trail trying to convince Republicans and conservatives that he's like Reagan. He's tried to cloak himself in Reagan's leather presidential flight jacket.  The fact his; he's not even close. And what I find even more disturbing about this man, the National Review reported yesterday that Gingrich "spewed insulting rhetoric at Reagan, his top aides, and his policies to defeat Communism." In retrospect, Newt really got that one wrong. In 1983, he said Reagan lost control of the national agenda. Again, he was proven wrong as history now shows very clearly. In reading what he's said about Reagan, it's clear Newt is delusional.
  • While I'm on "delusional," a political cartoon shows Obama giving his State of the Union speech on TV with the bubble over his head that says, "The State of the Union is getting stronger." The bubble over the head of the woman and her husband watching the speech says, "State of Denial is getting stronger too."
  • Ratings for The State of the Union: down 12% from last year (Deadline Hollywood)
  • The latest Quinnipiac Poll has Romney up on Gingrich only by 2 points in Florida. Romney's numbers have tanked in that state in just the last 2 weeks.
  • But there are national polls that show Romney is stronger than Gingrich when it comes to head-to-head with Obama. In fact, the current Suffolk University Poll shows that Romney leads Obama 47 to 42% in Florida. Obama hammers Newt by 9 points, 49-40%.
  • If you have not heard the news yet, The Smoking Gun is reporting that Warren Buffett's secretary just bought a second home. On first thought, you might say: Big friggin deal, a lot of people have second homes. That's not the point. The president and Buffett keep trotting out this woman (and who knows if she even likes to be this poster gal they've made her out to be) as if she's living on food stamps because she's paying more taxes than her boss, Buffett. But as I wrote yesterday, she's the secretary to one of the world's richest men; she's doing fine. This article proves my point. As The Smoking Gun points out, "despite a heavy tax burden," she and her husband were able to purchase this second home in Arizona. So God bless her and her family. But Buffett and the president should stop trotting her out with their phony class warfare tirades. (In fact, just breaking on Forbes, they calculate---from what Buffett has been saying about how much she pays in taxes---that she earns somewhere between $200-500k a year. So ff she earns anywhere North of $360k, she's in the top 1%).
  • By the way, why does Buffett get a pass while Romney does not when it comes to paying his taxes? Like Romney, Buffett also made his billions because of low taxes on capital gains?
  • The president and his administration keep trying to convince Americans of an economic recovery, but the Fed just reported yesterday the economy is weak and will keep interest rates low until late 2014.
  • And if the economy is getting stronger, why did Wal-Mart decide to eliminate their night-shift greeters? Their night shifter greeters for God's sake! Not like that position can break the bank. But Wal-Mart says it's a cost-saving measure. In addition, Nissan just announced it's planning on building a $2 billion plant in...Mexico (USA Today)
  • Did you know that the official inflation rate is 2%? Do you think anyone really believes that?
  • And the unemployment numbers for last week just came out a few hours ago---they've gone up to $377,000 after dropping last week.