Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus Results: Romney By 8; Ron Paul Disappoints; Is The Taliban Toast?; Hezbollah's Drug Cartels Expanding; Martha Stewart's Show Kaput; Chaz Wants A Penis

"I don't see why this even matters. Why would we need to detain American citizens indefinitely when we already have the authority to shoot missiles at them from drones?"---"American Voices" in The Onion regarding the president's signing of the controversial defense bill.

  • Well, who was the real winner last night in Iowa?  Hard to tell?  Mitt took it by only 8. And is  another surge for real? This time by Santorum. Some might argue that Santorum was the big winner. Time will tell as the Iowa cornfields are now in everyone's rear-view mirror and they head for New Hampshire. Right now, Romney leads in New Hampshire in most polls.
  • The results did show what many observers have been saying for over a year. Moderates lean toward Romney, conservatives, especially social conservatives, toward Santorum and libertarians and young folks toward Ron Paul.
  • Romney still can't crack 25%. He's been there almost throughout the past year. It appears he has a real problem with attracting conservatives in general.
  • And Santorum does not have much money according to reports. In addition, he's not really as well known as the other candidates (but shoot, that was said about Carter, Clinton and Obama too).
  • It also appears that Perry and Bachmann are leaning toward getting out of the race. Ron Paul was put in his place by voters last night. He expected to win in Iowa because his campaign tossed a lot of money and time into the state.  If Perry and Bachamann do withdraw, it will be interesting who will get their support. With both of them, I would not be surprised if it's to Santorum.
  • Memo to Republicans: that perfect candidate you are looking for? Well---he/she does not exist.

  • While it's true that Romney has a history of flip-flopping, he's never taken it to the level of the king of flip-floppers, John F. Kerry, a fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud.
  • Have you noticed something else about all these candidates? You don't hear much about jobs creation. I bring that up because Pres. Obama is going to Ohio, and he plans on bringing jobs up. I'd say it's about time, but 3 years too friggin late.
  • There are news reports coming out in Afghanistan that the Taliban might be ready to talk.  Reports are they just might be getting to weary of fighting. The truth is: we're kicking their friggin asses.
  • Hezbollah, the notorious terrorist group, has for years tried to portray itself as a "resistance" organization. But they've been doing a lot more than just trying to blow people up. It's now being reported they are a major global drug trafficking operation. And their operations extend from the Middle East to South America to Mexico and to the United States. Considering these thugs are experts are car bombs, this is not a good development. NY Post, NY Times and Washington Times
  • In the "Gee, What A Friggin Surprise" Folder: Starbucks is said to raise prices in some areas of the country including the Northeast and Sunbelt regions. Not long ago, Starbucks decided to also sell wine and beer in some stores. With this current price hike for a cup of coffee to cost the same as the average weekly salary of an employee at Starbucks,  a little wine and beer will soften the blow of the price gauging, I mean, price hike.
  • Also in the news, poor Martha Stewart is losing her TV show to dismal ratings. On top of that,  Home Depot is dumping her paint line.
  • More news on the "corruption of our culture" feature---Among young adults, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom have been scoring some huge ratings. Hey, nothing like good All American shows showing women getting beaten and demeaned by their boyfriends and strangers. Yep, perfect role models for our kids. I'm just wondering how long this insanity will last.

  • And to continue with the culture news, Chaz Bono, according to reports, is shopping around for a penis. He said, "The doctor I want to use is in Belgrade. It's going to be a little cheaper there. Probably $25,000 maybe $45,000, I really don't know." Really Chaz, you're actually looking for a sale on a penis?  Word of advice: Just don't buy one made in China.