Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who Really Is The Most Electable?; Iowa Caucus: What Makes It So Important? More Americans Are Republicans; Philadelphia Appoints A Mumia Supporter As City's Poet Lauriet; Saudi Men Not Allowed To Work in Victoria's Secrets; TV Teaches The Slut Life: "Jersey Shore," "Kardashians,"...Rihanna is Facebook's Best Friend

"Newly Released Female Iraqi Prisoner Offered Playboy Spread." The Onion

  • The real question coming out of the Iowa Caucus should be: Who is the most electable? I contend there's only one candidate that answers that question. It's Mitt Romney in my opinion.
  • For the last several weeks, I've been wondering why the media and the political world feels Iowa is so important. The state really does not reflect the diversity of the rest of the country. It's 92% white (74% for the rest of America). It's also more rural. It has a huge evangelical base. And the electorate is much older than the rest of the country. It makes up a whopping .97% of the U.S. population. I agree with what Jonah Goldberg wrote in USA Today about this caucus process. He contends the state has become important because it's the first major political event. Simple as that.
  • As of right now (6:15 pm EST), votes on Drudge have Paul ahead, followed by Romney and then Santorum.
  • After tonight, Iowa will go back just being a figment of our imagination.
  • As I pointed out last week, the Iowa caucus is not even a good predictor of who the winner will be. Huckabee took the caucus in 2008. Tom Harkin won huge in 1992. Dick Gephardt (does anyone even remember him?) won in 1988. And in 2008, McCain came in third. This is all about a media and political blitz.
  • Must be nice to be president of the United States. Pres. Obama's vacation to Hawaii cost the taxpayer a cool $4 million.---NY Post
  • Rasmussen is reporting that more Americans consider themselves Republicans. 35.4% say they are Republicans while 32.7% say they are Democrats. This poll was taken of registered voters.
  • In case you missed this news, the City of Brotherly Love---Philadelphia---chose as its Poet Lauriet a women who supports Mumia Abu-Jamal, a cop killer. I wonder how Philadelphia police officers feel about this travesty.

  • Saudi Arabia Islamic hard liners said they will begin enforcing a 2006 law that forbids men from working in stores that sell women's lingerie, apparel and cosmetics. I guess Victoria's Secrets is now out of the question. I wonder if you can be beheaded if you're caught buying your girlfriend a bra?

  • The man above? Is an asshole. I can prove it but I don't want to waste my time right now.

  • When Andrea Peyser of the NY Post wrote recently that TV teaches the slut life, she was right. Consider the Heat Index for top star in 2011 was non other than Kim Kardashian, a no talent. Peyser made a good case that many of these shows are not safe for women, overly sexualizing and humiliating women. In addition to "Jersey Shore," she pointed out other examples that included "Flavor of Love" with women fawning over a knucklehead who wears a Viking hat and a friggin clock around his neck that's the size of a hubcap. Parents Television Council, the feminist Women in Media and the News and Girl Scouts all agree with this conclusion. "There seems to be a fetish of sex crimes against women," said council president Tim Winter.
  • For those who say taxing the rich will help reduce our deficit. If Bill Gates gave all of his money to the government today, he would cover the deficit for a whopping 15 days.
  • By the way, 43.2% is the amount of NY City's taxes are paid by the top 1%.
  • And who is Facebook's most popular friend? It's Rihanna with 470,788,147. I should reach those numbers in about 1.5 million years.