Friday, January 13, 2012

Mayor Nutter: A Politician With Balls; Are Americans Really That Pissed At Those Marines?; Obama Didn't Want To Take Photos With The Troops; Romney Winning Southern Conservatives; Conservatives Outnumber Liberals---Again; Kardashians Going Down

A 99 year old guy and his 96 year old wife are getting divorced.  They never got along and people are asking, "Why did you wait so long to get a divorce?" And they said, "We wanted to wait until the kids were dead."---Letterman

  • Finally, a politician with some balls. If you haven't heard the story about Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia reacting to yet more murders in Philadelphia this week (three kids were shot dead in their vehicle apparently over some comments on Facebook), it's worth a read. He said at a news conference: "The first way to stop this kind of stuff is for young people to be home when they are suppose to be home and for adults not to act like idiots and assholes..." This salty language is not new to Nutter. After the Phillies took the 2008 World Series, he warned Philadelphians, "You can be joyous; you cannot be a jackass." I'd support this guy for president if he ever decided to run for the Office (even if he does look like Erkel).

  • Yesterday the story broke about several Marines ALLEGEDLY peeing on some dead Taliban terrorists. As I wrote yesterday, if they did do it; it was a knucklehead act and the consequences will most likely cost them their careers. But let's put this in perspective. Some nitwits on the left are already referring to this stupid act a "war crime." (The Uber Left Rag, Huffinton Post, has a piece entitled, "Video of Marine Atrocities  Highlights Split Between Right Wing and Our Military"). It is truly amazing how much effort the left and the anti-military crowd will place in events such as this one (and it is a diplomatic nightmare), yet hardly shed a tear when we lose our own to these murdering thugs. For that matter, when these murdering thugs chop heads off or stone women and gays to death (have these people already forgotten the torture Dan Pearl and Nick Berg went through while these thugs were cutting their heads off on video?). These maggots on the left are always looking for the next Abu Ghraib so they can continue trashing our troops. In fact, some have even raised the possibility that this action violates The Geneva Convention. The fact is Americans have more to worry about than a few misguided Marines taking a leak on some dead scumbags. Right now, this is probably in the hands of NCIS. We should all hold off making any judgements until their investigation concludes.
  • In Michael Hasting's new book, Operators, he reports that Pres. Obama, when candidate, did not want to take photos with the troops on his visit to Baghdad, according to a State Department official. Hey, our troops don't make that much money. They probably didn't have enough to give to his campaign so he was a tad cranky about it. That's all.

  • Most early polls are now showing Romney is winning Southern Conservatives as the South Carolina primary approaches. Rasmussen has Romney up at 41$ with Newt trailing at 19% and Ron Paul at 9%. Rick Perry is barely breaking 2% (I still say he'll be the next one to withdraw). NY Post is reporting that three Republicans loyal to Sen. Jim DeMint (who has remained neutral) came out in support of Romney yesterday.
  • And recent Gallup polls are showing that conservatives are finally starting to back Romney, albeit with some caution. 59% of conservatives said they would back him if he becomes the nominee. As one commentator said of this development, conservatives are now realizing they probably won't get the perfect conservative candidate, but they do want a winner.
  • Gallup also reported this week that conservatives make up the largest ideological group in America. 40% of Americans describe themselves as conservative while 21% of Americans say they are liberal. This is the third straight year Gallup has measured this trend.
  • Yesterday it was also reported Romney raised about $25 mil last quarter. That's good news for his campaign. On the other hand, Pres. Obama raised over $42 million. In fact, Obama has $240 million in his war chest as of today (USA Today).
  • There is a God. According to reports coming out of Hollywood, the Kardashians are crashing. Ratings are falling. All of the major mags who had them on their covers in December saw their sales drop by 18% and Bella Donna, entertainment big wigs, recently said they are now poison in the industry. Observers believe their downfall started after the shame 72 day marriage. (NY Post)
  • "Dumbass of the Week" has to go to Ohio landlord Jamie Hein who hung a sign on a public pool that read "White Only." According to reports, she was upset at one black girl swimming in the pool who had used chemicals in her hair. This dumbass said the girl's hair chemicals made the pool "cloudy." Hein lost her appeal to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. (Reuters)

  • Congressional Crook Update: The guy above---Charlie Rangel--- is still in the U.S. House of Representatives