Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unemployment #'s Up + Retail Flat; Wasserman Is A Maggot; Where Is The Republican Leadership?; Health Care Spending Will Surprise You; Marines Allegedly Pee on Taliban; After The Billions, Haiti Still A Mess; Child Found Abandoned In Occupy D.C.; Twinkies Will Survive; Khloe: Who Is Your Daddy?

My Horoscope in The Onion Today: Pisces: Nothing will be able to prepare you for the sense of dread and fear you'll experience when you suddenly realize your life has meaning and purpose again.

  • When you go to the polls in November, keep one important thing in mind when you pull that lever...look up. It should make your voting decision a lot easier.

  • That's Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) above. She's chair of the DNC. She's also a maggot. That's right!!!  I said it and wrote it. She's a maggot. This week, in reminding her audience of the Tuscon shooting a year ago when Gabby Giffords was shot and several others killed, this maggot blamed the Tea Party for the shooting. Forget the fact  the shooter is in a mental health facility because he has some serious mental health problems. He has not even gone to trial yet because he's so disconnected from reality.  He even refuses to take his medications. Forget the fact he had absolutely no connection with the Tea Party or any political party for that matter. But don't forget this fact: she's a bottom-feeding maggot. And I love her, because, like Slo Joe Biden (note, even Biden has more class than this piece of garbage), she's the gift that keeps on giving. The Republican Party should count their blessings every day that she speaks for the Democratic National Committee.
  • Speaking of leadership, where the heck is the Republican leadership?  Where's Speaker Boehner. Where's Eric Cantor (the guy was all over the tube before the real campaigning started).
  • "Recession is Over News"---Gee, first time unemployment claims shot up to almost 400,000 last week. I thought, after last week, we were moving in the right direction?  In fact, this rise is the highest in almost two months. One more thing. The numbers last week---that the administration proclaimed as a sign things were improving---were revised UP.
  • On top of that bad jobs news, MSNBC reported retail sales were flat in December. December? Isn't there a real important holiday that month when people usually spend a lot of money on gifts? I wonder what happened (I know. It was George's fault).
  • What percentage of patients accounts for half of all health care spending? Don't feel bad if you don't know or if you guessed a big number. The actual number is 5% according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. In fact, just 1% of Americans account for 22% of health care costs (2009 data). It comes out to $90,000 per patient.
  • There's a video and report circulating now that shows some Marines allegedly peeing on dead Taliban terrorist thugs.  If true, they're knuckleheads and their careers are over. But many are making a big deal of it (this is the type of story that the Left and military haters just love to exploit) . In other words, it's okay to hunt down and kill these murderous thugs; but hey, don't pee on them. I have one suggestion for anyone in the military who decides to pee on a dead scumbag who just tried to kill him or some innocent civilian: don't do it on video.

  • Over the last two years, I've asked man times: where the hell has all that money gone that was sent to Haiti after the earthquake?  Headline in USA Today: "Despite Pledges: Haiti in Shambles." Not only has nothing been done, but now the paper reports that they are running out of money. Running out of money? The United States alone sent over $3.3 billion to Haiti. In addition to that money, over $12 billion has been sent and pledged by other countries and agencies. Does anyone realize those numbers mean every person living in Haiti should now be leaving in a fully subsidized mansion?  Those poor people still don't have access to water, sanitation and other basic services. Why?----one word---corruption.
  • In a story that is tragic but should not surprise anyone: An Occupier in D.C. has been charged with allegedly abandoning his 13 month old daughter. According to reports, she was left in his tent---alone while, apparently, he was out doing what many of these Occupiers do like laying waste to the environment. (Washington Examiner)
  • Who is the most popular film director in Iran according to a report on "Page Six" of the NY Post? Look up.
  • For those who heard the news that Hostess filed for bankruptcy protection, let your heart be still. Twinkies will continue to be produced (that news should make that fat bastard above a happy camper).

  • Reports are surfacing that Robert Kardashian (image above), the father of the band of no-talent nitwits, doubted he fathered Khloe. I could care less. But know this:  These knuckleheads will do anything for publicity as evidenced by Kim's 2 minute marriage. I don't believe a word of this.