Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney's New Hampshire Victory; Why Ron Paul Won't Win; Obama Losing Hollywood?; Occupy D.C.'s Rats; Nanny Bloomberg Is At It Again; The Teacher That Could Not Spell

During the debate last Saturday night, Hunstman spoke Chinese. Not to be outdone during the debate, Newt ate Chinese.---Conan

  • Memo to Republicans: Stop trying to be like Reagan. There was only one. And none of you even come close. Nuff said.

  • As most know by now, Romney took New Hampshire. Ron Paul came in second with  Huntsman third. Newt, whose surge appears to have crested, came in 4th. Santorum's surge also appears to have hit a speed bump.  But New Hampshire, smamshire, it's only importance is that it's the first primary and gets massive media coverage. The race really starts in South Carolina and Florida. 
  • How predictable is the New Hampshire primary for either picking the party's nominee or the president? I let you decide. In 2004, that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry won. In 2000, it was another fake, phony and fraud, Al Gore. For Republicans in 2000, McCain beat George W. Bush for the Republican side. In 1992, Paul Tsongas---Paul, friggin who?--- won New Hampshire for the Democrats. A little known Bill Clinton came in second in that race. In 1996, Pat Buchanan bested Bob Dole. A rare exception was in 2008, when McCain did beat out Romney. You get the picture.
  • Does anyone really believe Ron Paul has a chance? I know the Ron Paul supporters are passionate. But seriously folks, he is going nowhere. However, I will give some shout outs to his supporters. They really love the guy, and I don't see that passion with supporters of the others running. In fact, Ron Paul was the choice of 48% of the voters under 30 according to Fox News Exit Polls.  He also edged out with voters making under $50k a year. And he won the Independent vote by a margin of 4 points. 
  • But this is where I think it breaks down for Ron Paul. In Iowa and N.H. only 50-56% of Ron Paul voters identified themselves as Republicans according to recent surveys. Whereas, in N.H. almost 90% of Romney voters idenfied themselves as Republicans. He gets about 36% of his support from Independents and 26% from Democrats. In other words, he leads in NON-REPUBLICAN categories. In other words, when he loses, many of his supporters will probably vote for Pres. Obama. And even though South Carolina has an open primary, he's in 4th there according to Real Clear Politics.  He's also in 4th place in Florida and they have a closed primary. Romney leads in both states at about 32-33% followed by Santorum. Of course, things can change. They always do.
  • So my challenge to Ron Paul supporters: If I'm wrong about him---I'll eat my computer (And, I swear, I've never eaten a computer in my life. I wouldn't even know where to start although the mouse does look somewhat appetizing after I've had a few Scotches).
  • Question now is: Who will be the next guy to drop out? My money is on Rick Perry.
  • Washington Times reported that Romney raised almost $25 million in the last quarter. That's a big number. None of the others running can come close.
  • Whatever critics say about the records of the current crop of Republicans running for office, know this: Obama's record is worse

  • Reports out of D.C. yesterday were that the rat population was exploding around the D.C. Occupiers. And they were talking about real rats, not the Occupy crowd. And NY papers this morning are reporting that some Occupiers back-filled Zuccotti Park in NY City after the police took down the barriers that were in place. So now we can expect a beautiful place like Zuccotti Park to return to what it was a month ago---another rat infested, urine soaked environments full of misfits, thugs, felons and knuckleheads (look up).
  • Not to long ago, The Hollywood Reporter reported on the Obama's losing support in Hollywood. That was evidenced by the likes of Matt Damon expressing disappointment in the president. This week Harry Bellefonte, a huge Obama supporter, said the president has lost his "moral compass" and does not deserve a second term. In addition, my main squeeze, Angelina Jolie, expressed some of the same thoughts. While more in Hollywood express these feelings, most will still vote for him.
  • While I'm on New York City, I should mention that the Nanny Mayor, Bloomberg, is at it again.  Now he's going after limiting booze sales. This is the knucklehead that wants us to make sure we eat WHAT HE THINKS is healthy. This is the knucklehead that won't let smokers smoke in wide-open areas where second hand smoke dissipates and hurts no one (yet, thousands of vehicles infiltrate every nook and cranny in the city spewing their exhaust). Let me ask readers this question: There are millions and millions of Baby Boomers out there now. I'm one. We were allowed to play dodge ball. We tackled each other on the cement playgrounds. We played stick ball in the street and used a manhole cover as second base. We played on playgrounds that actually had see-saws. We didn't wear helmets while riding our bikes. We actually lived in the fog of second hand smoke. We didn't have to be strapped into car seats until we were 25 years old. And yet, there are millions of us alive today. If things were soooooo bad and soooooo dangerous then---how come there are so many of us today? One more thing, during the years since the Baby Boom, life expectancy increased significantly. In other words, most Boomers survived quite well with taking risks in our lives. In coming years, I predict we will be mandated to wear a helmet when on our computers---for fear we might fall off the chair and crack our skull.
  • You probably never heard of Mona Lisa Tello. She a bilingual high school science teacher in NY City. She allegedly forged a jury duty letter. But there was one slight, but conspicuous, problem. She can't spell well. Red flags went up when she spelled "trial" as "trail." She also spelled "cited" as "sited" and "manager" as "manger." Oh, yes, one more slight problem. She used fake letterhead. Any wonder students can't spell correctly? (NY Post)