Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kardashian To Be Replaced By A Dog; Did Romney Really Say That?; Tebow Time; The Myth of the Arab Spring Update; Guess Who Is Out-Polling Pres. Obama?; Andy Carey Yankee Great Dead at 80; Beyonce and Jay-Z Said They Did Not Act Like Aholes

Mexico has just completed a bridge that is one of the world's highest. In fact, it clears the fence along our borders by a good 50 feet.---Leno

  • "Kim Kardashian To Be Replaced By A Dog" is not a headline from The Onion. It's a headline from this blog and it's true. Reports coming out of Hollywood are Kim will be replaced by a French Bulldog in a Super Bowl commercial for Sketchers. Now seriously friends, who would you rather watch on TV, Kim (above) or the French Bulldog (below)? I'd say it's a slam dunk for the French Bulldog myself.

  • Did Romney really say that? In Nashua, NH, Romney was quoted as having said, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me."  His critics, both on the Left and Right (Newt, Huntsman and Perry foolishly jumped on this bashing bandwagon) criticized him for the alleged heartless-sounding remark. Problem is---they didn't listen to Romney's entire statement. It's crystal clear what Romney was referring to was bad SERVICE. Because that's exactly what the rest of his statement was. Here it is in context: "You know, if someone isn't giving good SERVICE, I want to say, I'm going to get someone else to provide this service to." We've all said that about poor service at automobile dealerships, poor customer service at restaurants and retail shops. But, the media and the Obama administration will have a field day with, "...I like being able to fire people..." That's clip will be played over and over again and the stupids will fall for it. The quote by Carlin below says it all.

  • I'm not happy that Tim Tebow lucked out in beating The Steelers, but I am happy that pro sports appears to have a legit good and classy role model. Considering all the misfits and thugs in professional sports, he should be praised not hammered.
  • While I'm on sports, Andy Carey is dead at 80. He was the NY Yankees 3rd baseman throughout the 1950's and he took part in two World Series. But Andy is more important to me than most athletes. You see, while growing up in the Bronx as a kid and Yankee fan, my very first glove---a glove I loved more than anything I've ever owned in my life---was an Andy Carey model. RIP Andy. Thanks for giving me so much joy as a kid.
  • "The Myth of the Arab Spring" Update: It's now clear that Islamic thugs will win most of the elections. The Muslim Brotherhood won 40% of the seats in the first two rounds of voting. And the Salasfist Al-Noor Party has taken 20% of the seats. They support full Islamic Sharia Law. But, a big question remains: Will the military dictatorship allow those thugs to take power?
  • Oh, before I forget, the Florida man accused of plotting a series of terrorist attacks in Tampa, is a naturalized American citizen from Kosovo. One more thing many in the media failed to report. He's a Muslim. How many is that now? I've kinda lost count.

  • In order to retain my credibility as a journalist (I play one on this blog), I'm obliged to inform you that Beyonce and Jay-Z said they did not act like aholes at the hospital as was first reported by the media and other patients at the hospital. No, I was not forced to write this correction or clarification. I'm just reporting what their PUBLICIST said. They want us to think that they are just like one us.
  • Guess who is out polling Pres. Obama? In the most recent CBS Poll, both Romney and Ron Paul beat Pres. Obama. Romney was at 47% to Obama's 45% and Paul is at 46% to Obama's 45%. These numbers are in the margin of error. But among Independents, Romney and Paul lead Obama outside the margin of error.
  • Don't pay that much attention to New Hampshire tonight. The real battle starts in the South in the coming weeks---South Carolina and Florida.