Monday, January 9, 2012

Tebow Bests Steelers; National Debt Reaches A Milestone; Why So Quiet About Syria; No Mention of Caylee; They Are Watching You; Beyonce and Her Baby's Entourage; Occupy: What To Do With All That Money?; PTSD Information

"Grandma Upgrades To Cordless Landline."---from The Onion's "Extra" News.

  • For every Steeler fan like myself, last night was a night to forget. Credit where credit is due: Tebow had a good game. Can't take that away from him. But the game reminded me of virile young guys taking on some old timers. They should have held the game in a hospital parking lot considering the multiple injuries on the Steelers. But injuries are part of the game. And on that given Sunday, the better team won. I'll leave the Bronco fans with one suggestion, look up.
  • The U.S. national debt, now over $15.2 trillion, reached in the last few days. Our national debt is now as big as our entire economy. In short, this marks the point when our entire debt is as big as everything our country produces. Including the U.S, who also shares this shame? None other than Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Iceland.  Most of these Euro countries are also the root of the European economic crisis. And if you want to see how quickly the debt actually rises each second, each minute, each hour...Go here: .  You will see it in real time.
  •  Sometimes I wonder who is actually reading my blog. All bloggers do. Last week, I said Iowa reminded me of musical chairs. Tony Perkins, head honcho of the Family Research Council, said this in just the last few days: "Iowa was political musical chairs." Probably just a coincidence.
  • Recall not too long ago, the Obama administration was vociferous about change in Egypt and Libya. Why have they been so silent about the slaughter that is taking place in Syria, especially the president?
  • Did you know that the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget since April of 2009 or almost 1000 days? And who can you blame for that? That back-stabbing, fake, phony and fraud Harry Reid.
  • Memo to Republicans and Conservative and Reasonable Democrats: Remember who the real problem is in Washington D.C.  It's Pres. Obama. In closing in on 3 years of his administration, the country appears weaker (and will become weaker still if all these defense cuts go thru) and still very unemployed.
  • Speaking of cuts in the defense budget, I think I have a better idea. Why not cuts in those useless government departments like Education, Commerce and the EPA?  Consider this. The Dept. of Education does NOT teach one child in America. All these departments do is create more regulations and more red tape. They are a waste of taxpayer's money.

  • And what does cutting the defense budget accomplish? It will just put more of our troops on the all ready too long unemployment lines.
  • I watched that Youtube video of Casey Anthony. I noticed something missing as did many who also watched it: she didn't mentioned Caylee's name once. But she did express affection for a dog she adopted.
  • It's widely accepted now that there's no such thing as privacy. It went out the window long ago. Many people warn us about government snooping. Think again. The government has nothing on private industry.  In "I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did" by Lori Andrews, she clearly shows that privacy is basically dead. For example, in researching her book she ound Comcast had installed over 100 tracking tools on her computer without her knowledge. Facebook has data on over a half-billion people, with 96% of those being Americans. These companies track everything even your emails. Does it ever surprise you after you email something about---let's say a product---to your friend; you suddenly see ads for that product on your computer? Same with Facebook (my own Facebook page for Dedicated to Heroes gets military related ads all the time).

  • As many know by now, Beyonce had a baby yesterday. Congratulations to mother and father, Jay-Z. Having said that, some patients who were at the same hospital where she delivered her baby are not too happy. According to one,"They just used the hospital like it was their own and nobody else mattered...." He went on to say they ushered other families out of the waiting room because Beyonce and Jay-Z required privacy. How private? They made her hospital room bulletproof. Who are they afraid of anyway? Oh, how can I forget. Hip-Hoppers get shot on occasion. Better to be safe than sorry---even in the hospital that might have to treat you one day from a gun shot wound.---NY Post

  • It appears Occupy Wall Street---who you ask? Yes, they still get around and get arrested. But the group is facing a big dilemma. What to do with all that money left over, about $300 grand? They've actually considered burning it on Wall Street. They also considered splitting the loot among themselves among other things. But I noticed something missing. Very little mention of using that money to help the 99%.
  • Hollywood's numbers are down. There should be no mystery as to why when one has to pay over $10 a ticket and a week's pay for some popcorn and soda (pop for you folks in Pittsburgh).

  • This week's Dedicated to Heroes is all about PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I covered symptoms, treatments and resources. Please check it out. If you know anyone with PTSD, steer them to my blog. They will find help there.