Friday, February 24, 2012

Are We In Greece's Rear-View Mirror?; States Now Fighting Birth Control Mandate; Christie Right About This One: Shut Up Buffett!; Muslims Also Desecrate Koran Regularly; It's Danica's Weekend at Daytona; The Oscars and Angelina Jolie; Get Your Red On Today

Cambodia: "Exhausted Sweatshop Worker Just Has To Laugh After Sewing Fingers Together," reported The Onion. "After working her third straight 17-hour shift, garment worker Nghiem Phuong said Monday she 'couldn't help but laugh' after sewing her index and ring fingers together." She added, "Well, I guess it's just one of those days."

  • With the state of our current economy, many are asking if the United States is headed the way of Greece and some of the other socialist failures in Europe. Those who say we are point out the following: 1-Our massive debt (now approaching $16 trillion and to balloon to $26 trillion in about 10 years if the administration's economic and budget policies are passed. Greece's debt is over 120% of their GDP. Many economists believe we'll hit that number in 10-15 years if we remain on the same path as we are now); 2-The weight of Medicare and Social Security entitlement costs; 3-ObamaCare's long-term cost burden; 4-Pensions; 5-Fifty Percent of Americans not paying taxes, thus reductions in revenue; 6-Over half the country receiving some type of entitlements; 7-The massive explosion of Americans who are now living below the poverty line (Just this morning, USA TODAY reported "Families in extreme poverty double." The number living on $2 a day climbed to 1.46 million. That sounds like some cost of living in parts of Africa).
  • How are we not like Greece? For one, we're a Republic. We also still have a stronger economy, because we're more productive than socialist regimes. We also control our own currency. We can print our own money. Greece can't because of the Euro.
  • So is the the Greek type of tragedy in our future? I don't think anyone knows for sure. But many who follow this do say if we remain on the same path, we just might be writing our own Greek tragedies in the future.
  • Last week, I mentioned I walked through a South Jersey town and noticed 22 store fronts vacant, including the Dollar Store (retail to retail area stretched about 4 blocks). This weekend I drove through another S. Jersey town and decided to walk around and check it out. It's retail to retail area is about 1 city block long, both sides of the street. It had 9 store fronts vacant. The two banks that were in the town---are shuttered. The only retail left were several Brazilian restaurants, a small diner, a dollar type store, an independent pharmacy and two salons. And this week I read in the paper that since 2010, 33 cities in Pennyslvania merged their police departments. Please don't try to tell us the economy is improving. It's not on street level.

  • If anyone needs further proof that the birth control mandate is not an issue only about faith, but also about our freedom; then all you have to do is look at Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, S. Carolina and Texas. They are all asking a federal judge to block the Obama administration's mandate on contraceptive insurance coverage. The states are basing their argument on the fact the rule violates the First Amendment.

  • While I and many others did not agree with Gov. Chris Christie's lowering the flag for Whitney Houston, you still have to give this guy credit for standing up to hyprocrites.  Earlier this week, his target was that phony, Warren Buffett, who constantly complains that Americans, especially rich ones, should pay more in taxes. Christie to Buffett, "Cut the check and shut up...I'm tired of hearing about it...If he wants to pay more in taxes, pay more. If he wants to give government more money, he's got the ability to write the check. Christie also added later regarding the Dems and Obama on raising taxes on the wealthy, "{they} want you to be angry because your neighbor makes more than you's not the America I know."
  • Yesterday, I wrote a piece and was livid about our apologizing to Afghans for burning some Korans (you can read my rant below in yesterday's post. Sometimes I wonder if I need a body guard). Yet, no one raised the point that Islamic thugs also damage and desecrate the Koran when they blow up their own mosques.

  • On a lighter note, the hottie above will be racing at Daytona this weekend.  Hey, she might be a babe, but she's also a damn good driver.

  • And my girlfriend, Angelina, will be at the Oscars this weekend with her "boyfriend" Brad Pitt (he's only arm candy).
  • Get your red on today: