Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Religion of Peace Continues To Be A Big Lie; Obama Administration Proclaimed Iran A "Rational Actor;" Political Parties and Obama Don't Come Off Looking Good; Did Santorum Fall Into The Administration's Trap?; Another Part of ObamaCare Is Failing; One More Time: Half of Americans Don't Pay Taxes; Why The High Fuel Prices?

A new study found 16% of Americans under 16 don't have a job. There's even a name for that group: Art History Majors ...Jimmy Fallon

  • The evidence is overwhelming that Islam, The Religion of Peace, is a lie. In Afghanistan, people are dying over the burning of some Quarans (and from Pres. Obama on down to the military head honchos, they genuflect and apologize to the insane Islamic thug hordes who don't bat an eyelash when it comes to killing innocent civilians and thousands of Christians. Having said that, I personally don't like seeing any books burned or banned). Egypt, Syria and Libya are still a mess, and will continue to be. It's not a hard call to make. To predict the future, all one has to do is look at the past. I for one am sick and tired of watching our leaders walking on egg shells so as not to offend this pricks. Genuflecting, apologizing only emboldens these thugs. To them, it's all a sign of weakness in our leadership. Does anyone really believe they care if we apologize? These are lunatics who treat their own wives and daughters as slaves and sometimes even kill them. These are lunatics who proudly saw off heads and raise the severed heads on video all the time proclaiming Allah is great.  Give me a break. Stop the bowing. Stop the genuflecting. Stop the apologizing and grow some balls. Do what our troops do. One shot. One kill. And that's another motherf___er we don't have to worry about.
  • To give you some idea how delusional the administration is about Iran, they actually said this week they see Iran as a "rational actor." Now consider this, in addition to being a country run by a bunch of maniacs, they're actually said the Jewish population of Israel should be exterminated.  When did we hear that before? And does anyone in the right mind believe Hitler was "rational" when it came to the "Final Solution?" The problem is this type of assessment by our administration is irrational.

  • The latest Gallup/USA TODAY poll is interesting. According to their poll, neither political side is strongly favored. And, on Obama, most Americans believe he's been a failure by a margin of 50-44%. Regarding Romney and Santorum, their favorability ratings are lower than any other nominee in the past five elections. Yet, 53% of those polled still say Romney and Santorum have the personality and leadership traits to be president. Both political parties get low favorability ratings with the Democrats edging out the GOP 47-42%.
  • I have this feeling that Santorum's surge is about to peak. Just a hunch on my part (although Gallup is showing Santorum leading Romney in a national poll).
  • I also believe Santorum fell into the administration's trap after the contraception issue was raised. He treated the issue as if it was only an attack on faith while neglecting the fact, it was also an attack on freedom. Let's be honest here. The administration threw this issue out to create a wedge between Catholics. That didn't work as well as they thought it would because, for once, Catholics stood up to the government. In addition, other denominations and Evangelicals also came to the defense of the freedom of religion.  But Santorum kept talking and his talking got him into a bit of trouble (in my humble opinion).
  • From the NY Times: 73% of black children born in 2009 were born to unmarried parents. The overall number born to unmarried parents was 53% when the mother was under 30.

  • Most Americans probably never heard of ACOs or Accountable Care Organizations. They are now being rolled out as part of ObamaCare. In short, they are suppose to help doctors and hospitals better coordinate health care which, they believe, will improve quality and lower costs. These ACO's are modeled after similar systems now in use at the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and some other health care providers. But there's one intsy--tinsy problem: none of those health care providers want to take part in the ObamaCare ACOs. Why? Because, according to them, the government is imposing too many regulations. The Cleveland Clinic actually wrote a letter saying the government regulations "have little to do with outcomes."  In addition, Cleveland Clinic complains about the "significant administrative burdens" created by the law. And how much are these ACOs suppose to lower costs? According to the Congressional Budget Office, a whopping 1% in savings is expected from now until 2019. Pacific Research Institute
  • Jimmy Fallon's joke at the beginning of this post is not far off the truth. At Brown University, North Carolina and Northwestern, at least one-fourth of the 2010 PhDs in history are either unemployed or their fate is unknown. From Thomas Sowell's, "Academia's Giant Fraud."
  • One more time for folks like the Occupy crowd, according to the IRS, 49.5% of the U.S. population does not pay any taxes. So one can only come to this conclusion: we also have a major revenue problem. The question is how to raise revenue without raising the tax burden on more Americans? Or is the answer in less spending?
  • Obama can't be blamed entirely for the surge in fuel prices. Presidents just don't have that much pull when it comes to the whole issue of global speculators and Middle East tensions. But his administration has to accept some blame.  For example, leases are down 44% on federal lands.  The administration shut down deep-oil drilling after the BP oil spill. Deepwater permits have fallen by almost 60%. And the EPA continues to block drilling in Alaska where an estimated 27 billion barrles of oil are waiting tapping.